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Ofira is located in Egypt
Location of Ofira
Coordinates: 27°52′03″N 34°17′43″E / 27.86750°N 34.29528°E / 27.86750; 34.29528Coordinates: 27°52′03″N 34°17′43″E / 27.86750°N 34.29528°E / 27.86750; 34.29528
 • Totalapp. 1,000

Ofira was an Israeli settlement in the Sharm el-Sheikh area of the southern Sinai Peninsula, an Egyptian territory that was under Israeli occupation from 1967 to 1982.[1] Ofira was settled from 1969 and was meant to accommodate 500 families. An airfield was opened in 1976, today known as Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport.

Ofira overlooked Sharm el-Maya Bay and the Nesima area. Six kilometers north at Naama Bay, Israel constructed its first tourist village.

In the spring of 1982, Ofira was vacated as the Sinai was returned to Egypt pursuant to the Camp David Accords that led to the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty. Unlike Yamit, Ofira was not demolished. Instead, it was given to Egypt and populated by Egyptians.[citation needed]