Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates

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[1]Oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates, according to its goveRnment, are about 98.63 billion barrels (15.681×10^9 m3), almost as big as Kuwait's claimed reserves. Of the emirates, Abu Dhabi has most of the oil with 92 billion barrels (14.6×10^9 m3) while Dubai has 4 billion barrels (640×10^6 m3) and Sharjah has 1.5 billion barrels (240×10^6 m3). Most of the oil is in the Zakum field which is the third largest in the Middle East with an estimated 66 billion barrels (10.5×10^9 m3). The UAE produces about 2.9 million barrels per day (460×10^3 m3/d) of total oil liquids, but has stated its intention to increase this to 5 million barrels per day (790×10^3 m3/d) by 2014. The UAE's reserves-to-production is about 18 years.[2]


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