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Václav Tereba

Václav Tereba, was a male Czech international table tennis player. He won twenty World Table Tennis Championship medals including four gold medals as part of the Czechoslovakia men's team event. In addition he won four silver medals, three in the men's team event and one in the mixed doubles with Marie Kettnerová and twelve bronze medals, three in the men's team, one in the men's singles, one in the mixed doubles and six in the men's doubles with four different partners, Adolf Slar, Stanislav Kolář, Josef Turnovsky and Ludvik Vyhnanovsky. Other achievements included victory in the open English Championships in 1947, he died in 1990 and his son is Stanislav Tereba. List of table tennis players List of World Table Tennis Championships medalists

The Voice: Ahla Sawt

The Voice: Ahla Sawt is the Arabic version of Dutch show The Voice of Holland created by John de Mol and produced by Talpa Media Group. The first season of Arab world's version of The Voice debuted on 14 September 2012 and was broadcast worldwide from Beirut, Lebanon via MBC 1, a pan-Arabian television station. Through an agreement, the show was simulcast via LBCI's channels; the first two seasons's main host was Arwa Gouda. Nadine Njeim hosted from backstage; the format of The Voice: Ahla Sawt has three stages, which are the blind auditions, the battle rounds, the live performances. In the blind auditions, each contestant will be allowed to sing for 90 seconds with each of the coaches having their backs to the singer; when a coach wants a singer on their team, the coach presses a red button that results in the chair being turned around to reveal who the singer is to that coach and the singer joining their team. If two or more coaches turn around for that singer, the singer gets to decide which team they want to join.

Each coach will have to select 12 singers to form their team from a group of 100 contestants. Once the blind auditions finish, the battle rounds will begin where the coaches will pair two singers on each team to compete against each other singing the same song on stage; the coaches will have to decide which contestant will stay and which will be eliminated. After a series of eliminations, live performances will occur where the public can decide which singer will represent the Arab World as "The Voice"; the winner of season 1 of The Voice Ahla Sawt was Murad Bouriki from Team Assi who received the highest number of votes beating out Yousra Mahnouch, Farid Ghannam, Qusai Hatem. Due to the high ratings and the big popularity the series got in the Arab World, MBC renewed the show for a second season, aired in 2013. All 4 coaches of season 1 came back for season 2; the second season premiered on Saturday, 28 December 2013. The Voice: Ahla Sawt seasons 1 and 2 were produced by Sony Pictures Television Arabia for MBC and Season 3 was produced by Talpa Middle East.

In season two, during an intense finale which drew millions of viewers across the Middle East and saw guest star Ricky Martin take the stage to perform his new songs "Adrenalina" and "Come With Me". Iraq's Sattar Saad from Team Kadim won the title after receiving the highest number of votes beating out Iraq's Simor Jalal, Egypt's Wahm and Syria's Hala Al Kaseer. All four coaches once again returned for season three of The Voice Ahla Sawt, which started airing on MBC on 26 September 2015. On 26 December 2015, the winner of season three was Jordan's Nedaa Sharara from Team Sherine who beat out Lebanon's Christine Said from Team Kadim, Iraq's Ali Yousef from Team Assi, Tunisia's Hamza Fadlaoui from Team Saber. In 2015, a spin-off of the show featuring children as contestants debuted under the title The Voice Kids - Ahla Sawt. In 2018, there was a change in the judging panel; the season 4 judges were Mohamed Hamaki, Assi El Helani and Ahlam. The title was won by Iraqi contestant Doumou' Tahseen from Team Ahlam.

Kadim Al Sahir - Iraqi composer-musician and poet Sherine - Egyptian pop star and actress Assi El Helani - Lebanese singer Saber Rebaï - Tunisian composer-musician Elissa - Lebanese singer Ahlam - Emirati singer Mohamed Hamaki - Egyptian singer Ragheb Alama - Lebanese singer Samira Said - Moroccan singer Color key Team Kadim Al Sahir Team Sherine Team Saber Rebaï Team Assi El Helani Team Mohamed Hamaki Team Ahlam Team Elissa Team Ragheb Alama Team Samira Said Color key – Winning coach and their team. Winners are in bold, finalists in finale listed first, eliminated artists are in small font. Official website

Goats (film)

Goats is a 2012 comedy-drama film directed by Christopher Neil and written by Mark Poirier based on his 2000 novel Goats. The film stars David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, Graham Phillips, Keri Russell, Justin Kirk, Ty Burrell; the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2012, was given a limited release in the United States on August 10, 2012, by Image Entertainment. Fifteen-year-old Ellis Whitman is leaving his home in Tucson, for his freshman year at Gates Academy, an East Coast prep school, he leaves behind Wendy, his flaky, New Age mother and Goat Man, a weed-smoking goat trekker and botanist. Goat Man is the only real father Ellis has known, since his biological father, left when he was a baby. Upon arriving Gates Academy, Ellis befriends his roommate Barney Cannel, a cross-country runner, Rosenberg, who does not get anything higher than a C in his classes, but is smart enough to sneak in marijuana. Ellis takes an interest in Minnie, a local girl who works in the school library.

Meanwhile, Goat Man and Wendy have been incommunicado. On a phone call, Ellis discovers that his mother has a new boyfriend named Bennet, rude and disrespectful. One day, Ellis receives a letter in the mail from his long-estranged father from Washington, DC, requesting for Ellis to spend Thanksgiving dinner with him. Ellis decides to fly to Washington with Barney, having Thanksgiving with his mother there. Ellis meets his father and his father's pregnant and kind-hearted wife, Judy. One night, Ellis gets a call from Barney telling him. Ellis sneaks out for the night. On the way back from his flight from DC, Barney and Ellis get drunk and fight with each other in their dorm room, resulting in a dent in the wall which costs Wendy $700 and Ellis to end up in the school hospital. Afterwards, Ellis begins to get closer to Minnie. Over Christmas break, Ellis returns to Tucson, but feels betrayed by Goat Man when he discovers that he slept with their young but malicious neighbor, Aubrey, his relationship with adults he grew up with is now challenged.

In May 2010, it was reported that Ty Anjelica Huston had signed on to star in the film. In January 2011, it was announced that David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga had been cast in leading roles for the film; that same month, Keri Russell, Minnie Driver and Will Arnett were cast in supporting roles. Arnett and Huston dropped out of the cast, for unknown reasons, before filming began. Producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg commented on the casting, "Goats is that wonderful combination of hilarious and poignant, we're so thrilled that actors as distinguished as this ensemble have responded to the script with such passion." Principal photography for the film took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tucson and Watertown, Connecticut in February 2011. The film had its world premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2012. Shortly after, on February 7, 2012, the film was acquired by Image Entertainment for domestic distribution in the United States; the film was released in a limited release in the United States on August 10, 2012.

The film received negative reviews from film critics. Goats holds a 20% approval rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 25 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7/10. On Metacritic, the film has a 38 out of 100 rating, based on 13 critic reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Robert Abele from The Los Angeles Times wrote, "A coming-of-age story featuring Vera Farmiga as a narcissistic New Age mom, David Duchovny as her pot-smoking Jesus-bearded goat herder/poolman and Ty Burrell as the divorced dad with the new wife, would appear to have all sorts of behavioral flavors to chew on. Alas, Goats – to borrow from the traits of its titular ruminants – nibbles on a lot of stuff it never gets around to digesting." Sara Stewart of The New York Post wrote, "There's a irritating type of rich-boy coming-of-age movie in which any emotional growth is reflected in only the slightest tweak on the handsome protagonist's stony visage. If I were Holden Caulfield, I might call it lousy.

It's the type of strummy-guitar-scored indie that's flypaper for quirky actors like Farmiga and Duchovny, who are given too much time to indulge their characters' back stories and to show off their primal scream and goat imitation."Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly wrote, "Mark Jude Poirier adapted the screenplay from his own lively 2001 coming-of-age novel. As directed by Christopher Neil, Goats reports the same events but loses the flavor of the journey." The New York Times' Stephen Holden wrote, "If the aimless characters in Goats didn't feel so uncomfortably lifelike, it would be tempting to heap scorn on this wispy screen adaptation of Mark Jude Poirier's 2001 novel, directed by Christopher Neil from a screenplay by Mr. Poirier. Ms. Farmiga gives a bravely unsympathetic performance as the hysterical, self-pitying Wendy, filled with rage at her ex-husband, Frank. For all its verisimilitude, Goats doesn't add up to much." Goats on IMDb Goats at Rotten Tomatoes

My2K Tour

The My2K Tour is the third headlining tour by American boy band 98°. Starting summer 2016, the tour will play nearly 40 shows, predominately featured in the United States, it is considered a "throwback" tour to create nostalgia for fans, with the tour title referencing the Y2K scare. Fellow boy band O-Town were thought to be co-headliners for the tour, but are only advertised as special guests. Nicholas Friedman of The Dallas Morning News called the performance in Dallas "exactly what it should have been", he wrote: "And though I didn't have any of their posters on my walls, 98 Degrees was a joy to watch, not only because of the nostalgia, but because it gave the crowd a real glimpse into the past". Dream Ryan CabreraSpecial guestsO-Town The following setlist was performed at the Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas, it does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour. "Heat It Up" "Do You Wanna Dance" "This Is How We Do It" "The Way You Want Me To" "Dizzy" "Invisible Man" "The Hardest Thing" "Summer Girls" / "Fly" / "I Want It That Way" / "Wannabe" / "All the Small Things" / "...

Baby One More Time" / "Bye Bye Bye" "What's Left of Me" "Let's Go Crazy" / "1999" "Microphone" "My Everything" "I Do" "Give Me Just One Night" "Because Of You" Festivals and other miscellaneous performances A This concert was a part of the "Summer MixTape Festival" B This concert was a part of the "Six Flags Summer Concert Series" C This concert was a part of "Innsbrook After Hours"Cancellations and rescheduled shows Tour Twitter Tour Instagram 98° Official Website


HoTMetaL is an early commercial HTML-authoring software program, released in 1994 by SoftQuad Software of Toronto, Canada. Based on the SGML engine of SoftQuad Author/Editor, HoTMetaL was released with a free version and a professional version. There was a "light" version, it received PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award in 1995 as well as a variety of other awards. However the port to the Mac platform was regarded as poorly executed. HoTMetaL went through several incarnations from versions 1 though 6; the Macintosh version survived until at least version 3. The product line was discontinued as an HTML editor, although the user interface lives on in XMetaL, a commercial XML editor; the editor had several views, most-notably. This provided a WYSIWYG-like view of the page being edited with overlay icons showing where the code tags started and ended; this view is still used in the XML editing module of Adobe InDesign. On 15 March 2002, the Corel Corporation acquired SoftQuad, although the Corel web site has no reference to HoTMetaL or any other web development tools.

During the development of SGI's WebForce line, SGI considered having SoftQuad port HoTMetaL Pro to IRIX for inclusion on the WebForce version of the Indy workstation. While pitching the idea of WebForce to SGI executives, SGI employee John McCrea passed around a copy of HoTMetaL Pro in its retail packaging. SGI opted to purchase and port a finished HTML editor in development for Solaris from Amdahl Corporation instead; the capital letters in HoTMetaL spell HTML. The term comes from hot metal typesetting which involves melting alloys into the shape of letters so they can be used by Linotype machines to print words on paper. "HoTMetaL PRO Version 3 Manual, MIT". Archived from the original on October 4, 2008. Retrieved June 15, 2010. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown