Ōizumi Observatory

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Ōizumi Observatory
Organization private
Observatory code 411
Location Ōizumi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 36°15′02″N 139°25′01″E / 36.2505°N 139.4170°E / 36.2505; 139.4170Coordinates: 36°15′02″N 139°25′01″E / 36.2505°N 139.4170°E / 36.2505; 139.4170
Ōizumi Observatory is located in Japan
Ōizumi Observatory
Location of Ōizumi Observatory

Ōizumi Observatory (code 411) is a private astronomical observatory in Ōizumi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Takao Kobayashi has made discoveries of numerous minor planets at the observatory. Since its founding, Kobayashi has discovered 1,200 minor asteroids and their positions using a 10-inch (250 mm) telescope.


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