Olympiapark Schwimmstadion Berlin

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The swimming venue shown in 2008.

Olympiapark Schwimmstadion Berlin (German: Berlin Olympic Swim Stadium) is an aquatics venue located in Berlin, Germany constructed for the 1936 Summer Olympics. Located north of the Olympic Stadium it hosted the diving, swimming, water polo, and the swimming part of the modern pentathlon events. At total of 140,231 attended during all of the competitions. It hosted the World Aquatics Championships in 1978 as well and was a venue of European Maccabi Games 2015.

The stadium's ground level was constructed 13 ft (4.0 m) lower than the top part of the Olympic Stadium. Its swimming pool was 50 m long by 20 m wide, separated into eight lanes. Men's dressing rooms were located under the east stands while women's dressing rooms were located under the west stands. From the swimming pool's north end to the south end, the pool depth increases from 2 m to 2.30 m.

The stadium is constructed of natural limestone. It is still in use (as of July 2016).


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