Olympic Iliad

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Olympic Iliad
Artist Alexander Liberman
Year 1984 (1984)
Type Sculpture
Medium Steel
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Coordinates 47°37′10″N 122°21′00″W / 47.6194°N 122.3501°W / 47.6194; -122.3501Coordinates: 47°37′10″N 122°21′00″W / 47.6194°N 122.3501°W / 47.6194; -122.3501

Olympic Iliad, also known as Pasta Tube,[1] is a 1984 steel sculpture by Alexander Liberman, located in the lawn surrounding the Space Needle at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington, United States. The work includes large steel cylinders cut at different angles and lengths, painted red.[2] The sculpture is similar to Liberman's Iliad, located at the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York.[2]

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