One Galleon Place

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One Galleon Place
General information
Type Hotel & Office
Location ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Philippines
Cost Php 20,000,000,000
Owner Ortigas & Co. Ltd. Partnership
Antenna spire ≈ 400 m (1,312.34 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 80
Design and construction
Developer Ortigas & Co. Ltd. Partnership

The One Galleon Place is a planned skyscraper that will rise in Pasig, Philippines. The building will be the flagship project of developer Ortigas & Co. Ltd. Partnership (OCLP), one of the oldest real estate developers in the Philippines. It will be a mixed use building, the upper half will accommodate a 5-star luxury hotel, and the lower half will be for office units.[1]

In commemoration of OCLP's 75th anniversary in 2009, it is projected to be 75 storeys and at least 400 metres high.


OCLP presented the scale model of the building to the public on March 2009. It will have a curtain wall exterior finish, and will have a pointed roof and a huge architectural spire on the top.

Height Speculation[edit]

It was also noted that, by following the released scale model, the height of the building was speculated to be at least 400 metres high, including the spire. This was due to the inclusion in the scale model of its neighbour, the 150-metre high J Tower, which was used to approximate the One Galleon Place's height.

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