Online Film Critics Society Awards 1999

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3rd Online Film Critics Society Awards


Best Film:
American Beauty

The 3rd Online Film Critics Society Awards, honoring the best in film for 1999, were given in 2000.[1].o.oo

Winners and nominees[edit]

Best Picture[edit]

American Beauty

Best Director[edit]

Sam MendesAmerican Beauty

Best Actor[edit]

Kevin SpaceyAmerican Beauty

Best Actress[edit]

Reese WitherspoonElection

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Haley Joel OsmentThe Sixth Sense

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Catherine KeenerBeing John Malkovich

Best Original Screenplay[edit]

Being John MalkovichCharlie Kaufman

Best Adapted Screenplay[edit]

ElectionAlexander Payne

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

Run Lola Run

Best Documentary[edit]

Buena Vista Social Club

Best Cinematography[edit]

Sleepy HollowEmmanuel Lubezki

Best Editing[edit]

Run Lola RunMathilde Bonnefoy

Best Ensemble[edit]

American Beauty

Best Original Score[edit]

South Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutMarc Shaiman

Best Debut[edit]

Spike JonzeBeing John Malkovich

Best Official Film Website[edit]

Special OFCS Award[edit]