Ontario general election, 1914

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Ontario general election, 1914

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111 seats in the 14th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
56 seats were needed for a majority

  First party Second party
  James Whitney.jpg Newton Rowell.jpg
Leader James P. Whitney Newton Rowell
Party Conservative Liberal
Leader since 1896 1911
Leader's seat Dundas Oxford North
Last election 83 22
Seats won 84 24
Seat change Increase1 Increase2
Percentage 55.3% 38.6%

Premier before election

James P. Whitney


James P. Whitney

The Ontario general election, 1914 was the 14th general election held in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It was held on June 29, 1914, to elect the 111 Members of the 14th Legislative Assembly of Ontario (MLAs).

The Ontario Conservative Party, led by Sir James P. Whitney, won a fourth consecutive term in government. Whitney died three months after the election and was succeeded by William Howard Hearst.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Newton Wesley Rowell, formed the official opposition.

Independent Labour MLA Allan Studholme was re-elected in Hamilton East. He had held the seat since a 1906 by-election.


  Party Leader 1911 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
  Conservative James P. Whitney 83 84 +2.4% 55.3%  
  Liberal Newton Wesley Rowell 22 24 +9.1% 38.6%  
  Liberal-Temperance   1  
     Labour   1 1 - 1.3%  
  Liberal Independent   - 1      
Total 106 111 +4.7% 100%  

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