Ontario general election, 1919

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Ontario general election, 1919

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111 seats in the 15th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
56 seats were needed for a majority

  First party Second party
Leader none Hartley Dewart
Party United Farmers Liberal
Leader since - June 26, 1919
Leader's seat - Toronto Southwest
Last election pre-creation 24
Seats won 44 27
Seat change Increase44 Increase3
Percentage 21.7% 26.9%
Swing Increase21.7% Decrease11.7%

  Third party Fourth party
  William Hearst.jpg LAB
Leader William Hearst Walter Rollo
Party Conservative Labour
Leader since 1914 -
Leader's seat Sault Ste. Marie (lost re-election) Hamilton West
Last election 84 1
Seats won 25 11
Seat change Decrease59 Increase10
Percentage 34.9% 11.6%
Swing Decrease20.4% Increase10.3%

Premier before election

William Hearst


Ernest C. Drury
United Farmers

The Ontario general election, 1919 was the 15th general election held in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It was held on October 20, 1919, to elect the 111 Members of the 15th Legislative Assembly of Ontario ("MLAs").

The Ontario Conservative Party, led by Sir William Hearst, was soundly defeated in a bid for a fifth consecutive term in office by the newly formed United Farmers of Ontario.

This election put an end to 14 years of continuous Ontario Conservative Party rule, much of it under James Whitney. Whitney had died in 1914.

The UFO ran in the election without a party leader and with only one incumbent MLA, Beniah Bowman, who had entered the legislature the previous year by winning a by-election in Manitoulan. When they emerged from the vote with the largest bloc of seats, they joined the eleven Labour MLAs to form a coalition and approached Ernest C. Drury to lead the new government as Premier of Ontario. Drury had not been a candidate in the election and had to run in a by-election to enter the legislature following his appointment to the office of Premier. Liberal-UFO MLA David James Taylor of Grey North and "Soldier" MLA Joseph McNamara of Riverdale and Labour-UFO MLA Karl Homuth of Waterloo South were also members of the governing caucus giving Drury's coalition 58 seats in total.

The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Hartley Dewart, was able to maintain and increase its caucus by a small number. It was the Conservative Party that lost the most ground to the UFO and Labour.


  Party Leader 1914 Elected % change Popular vote
% change
United Farmers   * 44 * 21.7% *
  Liberal Hartley Dewart 24 27 +12.5% 26.9% -11.7
  Conservative William Hearst 84 25 -70.2% 34.9% -20.4%
     Labour Walter Rollo 1 11 +1000% 11.6% +10.3%
  Liberal-United Farmers   * 1 *    
  Labour-United Farmers   * 1 *    
Soldier   * 1 *    
  Liberal Independent   1 1 -    
  Liberal-Temperance   1 - -    
Total Seats 111 111 - 100%  


* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.

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