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Opéra National de Lyon

Opéra de Lyon “Opéra National de Lyon” but marketed during the last decade under the shorter name, is an opera company in Lyon, France and performing at the Opéra Nouvel, an 1831 theater, modernized and architecturally transformed in 1993. The inaugural performance of François-Adrien Boïeldieu's La Dame blanche was given on 1 July 1831; the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries saw some significant French premieres of major operas including Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger in 1896, Giordano's Andrea Chénier in the following year, Moussorgsky's Boris Godunov in 1913. In addition, many world premieres such as Arnold Schoenberg's Erwartung have been presented. In the years after the 1969 appointment of Louis Erlo as general director, many innovative productions and premieres of both French operas and Twentieth Century operas have been staged. Two significant French artists who have been associated with the Opéra in recent years are the stage director, Laurent Pelly, the soprano, Natalie Dessay.

Past principal conductors at the company have included André Cluytens, John Eliot Gardiner, Kent Nagano, Louis Langrée, Iván Fischer, Kazushi Ono. Since the start of the 2017-2018 season, the company's current principal conductor of the company is Daniele Rustioni, whose appointment to the post was announced in March 2015; the current choirmaster of the company is Philip White, since 2015. The company has Lyon Opera Ballet; as well, the company has a children's choir, La Maîtrise, was created in 1990 to form a top-level choir of young soloists. Since 1993, it has a status similar to other French musical schools. A first theater was built here by Soufflot during the 18th century; the theatre soon became too small and the architects Chenavard and Pollet rebuilt a brand new one in a neo-classical style in 1830. At the beginning of the 1980s, out of age and not meeting the needs any more, the Opera had to be renewed. A competition for architects was thus won in 1986 by Jean Nouvel; the new Opera of Lyon was inaugurated in May 1993 and is now part of the international architectural heritage.

Outside the opera house, Nouvel only kept the outer walls. He dug new underground levels and added a semi-cylindrical dome, used by dancers. On the opera house front wall, 8 muses have been kept in place. John Eliot Gardiner Kent Nagano Louis Langrée Iván Fischer Kazushi Ono Daniele Rustioni Citations Other sources Official website Photos of the Nouvel Opera House

Bernard Goldberg (businessman)

Bernard "Bernie" Goldberg was an American businessperson who co-founded the furniture retailer Raymour Furniture in 1946 with his brother, Arnold Goldberg. Goldberg graduated from Nottingham High School in Syracuse before enrolling at Princeton University, he dropped out of Princeton in order to enlist in the United States Army during World War II. He was sent to France and Germany in the infantry during the war and was a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal, he returned to New York following the end of World War II, where he received a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in 1948. Bernard and Arnold Goldberg opened the first Raymour Furniture in 1946 in New York, they did not name their new store "Goldberg" because another store in the city owned by their relatives used their given name. Instead, the brothers named their furniture store after an antiques shop in Long Island, owned and operated by another brother. Under Goldberg's ownership, the two brothers opened a second store in Clay, New York, in 1972.

The company acquired Flanigan's Furniture in 1990, which operated fourteen stores in upstate New York at the time. The acquisition gave the company Raymour & Flanigan. Bernard Goldberg remained the chairperson of Raymour & Flanigan until his death in 2010. However, he suffered from deteriorating health, including Alzheimer's disease during the years of his life, his two sons - Raymour & Flanigan President and CEO Neil Goldberg and Executive Vice President Steve Goldberg, as well as his nephew, Executive Vice President Michael Goldberg, succeeded him. Additionally, Goldberg was a founding member of the Syracuse Jewish Community Foundation of Central New York and was a member of the board of directors for the New York State Division of Human Rights. Bernard Goldberg died in Syracuse on August 27, 2010, of complications from Alzheimer's disease, aged 84, he was survived by his wife, three sons, one daughter and eleven grandchildren

Mariana Vega

Mariana Vega is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter, successful in her native country and Mexico, the winner of the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2014. Mariana Vega was born in the youngest of four siblings, she studied at the Emil Friedman School, at age 15 moved to Toronto, where at 16 she began to develop her musical career. Along with her guitar, she began to compose at the age of 19, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Industrial Relations and Psychology, decided to dedicate herself to music, because she had taken music classes there, guiding her into this profession. She first appeared at local venues, larger rooms, she visited her native land to attend the wedding of a cousin, it was there that a record executive listened to her, accompanied by an electric guitar, asked for a demo, for his musical production. Mariana Vega released her EP Háblame through the Venezuelan label Sonográfica in 2008. Produced by Sebastián Krys and Luis Romero, this reached platinum record status in her native Venezuela.

From this first EP, three #1 singles were released: "Háblame", "No me queda nada", "Ni tú ni nadie". That same year, Vega received the 2008 Pop Artist of the Year award given by the Record Report organization, for being the artist with the most singles in the top 10 and having the most talked-about album of the year in her country. In 2010 she traveled to Mexico, signed with Warner Music, recorded her first complete album, titled Mariana Vega. Produced by Aureo Baqueiro, this eponymous disc contained the single "Contigo" and a new version of "No me queda nada". During 2011, Vega released two songs to the radio in Venezuela, "Te Segué" and "Pregúntale por mi". In 2013, Mariana Vega released her second studio album entitled Mi burbuja, from which came the singles "Mi burbuja" and "De tu voz"; the record was recorded in Argentina this time, with renowned producer Cachorro López. In 2014, she released a second EP, Te Busco, on which she collaborated with Los Amigos Invisibles and Oscar D'León and covered some of her previous songs.

That same year she received the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in Las Vegas. Mariana Vega is married to Sergio Pizzolante, a media consultant for TV, entertainment companies. 2010: Mariana Vega 2013: Mi Burbuja 2008: Háblame 2014: Te Busco "Háblame" "No me queda nada" "Lejos de reconocer" "Ni tú ni nadie" "Contigo" "No me queda nada" "Háblame" "Mi burbuja" "De tu voz" "Te seguiré" "Te busco" "Medicinal" "Cámara Lenta" "La Marea" Official website

Pied Piper (comics)

Pied Piper is a fictional supervillain turned superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, is associated with the superhero the Flash. The character was created by writer John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino, made his first appearance in The Flash #106. Piper was introduced as an adversary of the Flash / Barry Allen and became a member of the Rogues, a criminal association led by Captain Cold which battled the Flash. During the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, most of the Multiverse was destroyed, which resulted in the DC Universe being rebooted. Following the events of Crisis, Piper was re-introduced in The Flash #20 as having reformed and become a champion for the poor. Soon afterward, he became an ally and personal friend of Wally, an integral member of the Flash family. Following the events of Flashpoint, DC Comics rebooted its universe once again and relaunched its titles in 2011, during The New 52 event. Here, Piper is portrayed as a former member of the Rogues, who has given up being a vigilante and is dating David Singh, Barry's Director at the Central City Police Department.

The Pied Piper made his live action appearance in an episode of the first season of The Flash, played by actor Andy Mientus. Mientus returned to the role in an episode of the second season, an episode of the sixth season. Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, the character made his first appearance in The Flash #106. Following the events of Crisis, Piper was revealed to be gay in The Flash #53. Hartley Rathaway was born deaf and received assistive technology in the form of hearing implants thanks to research funded by his wealthy father, he became obsessed with sound, pursued little else in life. Growing bored with his lifestyle, he turned to crime as the Pied Piper and clashed with Barry Allen, the second Flash. Following the events of Flashpoint, DC Comics rebooted its universe once again and relaunched its titles in 2011, during The New 52 event. Here, Piper is portrayed as a former member of the Rogues, who has given up being a vigilante and is dating David Singh, Barry's Director at the Central City Police Department.

After Allen's death during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Hartley retired from crime to become a socialist champion of the poor and underprivileged. He came out as one of DC's first gay characters, joked that this was ironic, as he was one of the few villains to have "gone straight", he first realized. Rathaway becomes a good friend of the Flash, Wally West, his wife Linda, whom he helps with scientific problems. Sometime Piper was arrested for the murder of his parents. Wally was sure Piper could not have committed such an act, but Piper himself seemed to believe himself guilty. Wally discovered that the true murderer was Mirror Master. Unaware of Wally's discovery, Piper broke out of Iron Heights and struck a deal of some sort with former Rogue and FBI agent the Trickster. During this time, Flash asked the Spectre to erase everyone's memories of his secret identity, due to his wife suffering a miscarriage from an attack by Zoom, it was revealed that Barry Allen had Zatanna tamper with the mind of supervillain the Top, turning him into a hero.

As a hero, the Top went insane over the guilt of his earlier deeds. After Allen had died, Wally received a letter from Barry asking him to restore Top's mind if he returned. After Wally had Zatanna restore the Top's mind, the Top revealed that when he had been a hero he had attempted to reprogram many of the other Rogues into heroes as well, including the Pied Piper; when the'good' Rogues went after the remaining'bad', Top returned to undo his brainwashing on the redeemed Rogues. When the Piper battled the Flash, West unmasked himself, triggering a flood of memories of their friendship and causing the Piper to pass out as his mind repaired itself; when he awoke, Piper came to Linda's aid. Piper remains the only Rogue to no longer save for Magenta, he had all charges for murder cleared. One Year Later, Pied Piper was seen in the pages of both The Flash, Countdown teaming with a new group of Rogues led by Inertia; the team of Rogues has him working with Mirror Master. Piper reveals that he has rejoined the Rogues with a plan of infiltrating them, but when Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard murder Bart Allen, he and Trickster are forced on the run together.

They are pursued by heroes and villains alike in the form of the Suicide Squad, the Question and Batwoman, Poison Ivy and Deathstroke, Piper's former friend and the newly returned previous Flash, Wally West. Wally confines the two of them at the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary, despite the warnings that Deathstroke is planning an all-out assault at the occasion, they manage to escape the wedding assault, while inadvertently picking up Double Down as a passenger. The trio stop at a diner, only to be attacked by the Suicide Squad. Double Down is captured, but Piper and Trickster, using an invisibility field, decide to follow the Squad and free the other captured villains. After encountering and freeing Two-Face and Trickster are again attacked by Deadshot, who p


The AFC Cup is an annual continental club football competition organised by the Asian Football Confederation. Under its current rules, the competition is played between clubs from nations that did not receive direct qualifying slots in the top-tier AFC Champions League, based on the AFC Club Competitions Ranking. Al-Kuwait and Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya are the most successful club in the competition's history, having won three titles each. Clubs from Kuwait have won four titles. Since the inauguration of the competition in 2004, the finalists of each edition have been dominated by clubs from West Asia until 2015 when the Malaysian team Johor Darul Ta'zim from East Asia became one of the finalists and became champions. Al-Ahed are the current champions after defeating April 25 in the 2019 final; the AFC Cup began in 2004 as a second tier competition to relate back to the AFC Champions League as 14 countries that had developing status competed in the first competition with 18 teams being nominated. Group A, B, C had West and Central Asian teams while the other two groups had east and South East Asia.

The winners and three runners-up would head to the knock-out stage where it was a random draw in, going to play. Al-Jaish took the first AFC Cup. In 2005, 18 teams competed from nine nations with the nations still being allowed to choose from one or two teams entering. After Syrian teams left the AFC Cup to try at the Champions League for four years, Al-Faisaly defeated Nejmeh in the final. With it, Jordanian teams would win the next two AFC Cup seasons with Bahrain joining the league while Bangladesh was relegated to the AFC President's Cup until the tournament's abolition in 2014. Al-Muharraq would break the trend in 2008 as they competed in the last two-legged final before it headed back into a one-leg system which still runs to this day; some changes were applied in terms of teams and format for the 2017 AFC Cup. A total of 36 teams participate in the group stage; the final will be played as a one-off match. Teams from 27 AFC countries have reached the group stage of the AFC Cup; the allocation of those teams by member country is listed below.

34 AFC countries have had teams participate in qualification, those who have not reached the group stage but have only played in qualification are not bolded. The prize money for the 2020 AFC Cup: As of 4 November 2019 Like the AFC Champions League, the AFC Cup is sponsored by a group of multinational corporations, in contrast to the single main sponsor found in national top-flight leagues; the tournament's current main sponsors are: Allianz beIN Sports Crbeverage Fly Emirates Karcher Nike Nikon QNB Group Toyota Tsingtao Seiko List of association football competitions Indian clubs in the AFC Cup Indonesian clubs in the AFC Cup Syrian clubs in the AFC Cup Thai clubs in the AFC Cup Hong Kong clubs in the AFC Cup Vietnamese clubs in the AFC Cup AFC Cup RSSSF - AFC Cup

Chloe Feoranzo

Chloe Feoranzo is a clarinetist and vocalist, performing professionally since the age of 15. Born in Rhode Island, she grew up playing in youth orchestras, musical pits, along with swing, dixieland bands and guest artist at festivals of the Southern California area, she made her debut at the Mission Valley music fete in 2005. As a teenage musician she studied with jazz sax legend Charles McPherson and attended the annual UC San Diego Jazz Camp. In 2007, she became the San Diego Jazz Fest. After relocating to St. Louis for college she collaborated with several groups in the city's traditional jazz scene including the Sydney Street Shakers and Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers, it was through these connections. In 2016, she completed a three-year tour with Pokey LaFarge; the band toured many countries and appeared on various shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman, Prairie Home Companion and the Grand Ole Opry. She now resides in LA as a freelance musician. On December 29, 2016, she was featured in the Postmodern Jukebox cover of No Surprises by Radiohead.

Since 2016 she has been a member of the all-female Shake'Em Up Jazz Band. The group has produced three albums, they toured internationally in 2018. She has appeared on more than 40 albums. On October 12, 2017, she was featured on Postmodern Jukebox's cover of the Foo Fighters' song, My Hero. On September 20, 2019, she was featured on Postmodern Jukebox's cover of the Billy Idol song, Dancing With Myself. On tour with Postmodern Jukebox 20's 2.0 tour