Operation Lucky Alphonse

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Operation Lucky Alphonse
Date7 June 1956 - 23 June 1956
LocationTroodos Mountains, Cyprus
Result 17 EOKA members were captured, and the EOKA group was broken and no longer posed a threat.
Commanders and leaders

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Brigadier Geoffrey Baker

Flag of Cyprus.svg Colonel Georgios Grivas
40,000 300
Casualties and losses
25 (none directly by EOKA) 17 captured

Operation Lucky Alphonse was a British Armed Forces operation that occurred during the EOKA insurgency in Cyprus. The British Army lost 25 men, mostly as a result of road accidents (7) and a forest fire that killed 13 men of the Gordon Highlanders, 5 Norfolks and two from the Parachute Regiment.



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