Orange County Drum and Percussion

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Orange County Drum and Percussion (OCDP)
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1990; 28 years ago (1990)
Headquarters Anaheim, California, United States
Products Drums
Owner Guitar Center

Orange County Drum and Percussion (OCDP) was started as a custom drum manufacturer located in Orange County, California. Since 2011, the company is now owned by Guitar Center and only sells ready-made kits in set configurations that are mass-produced in China. Only artists endorsed by OCDP are allowed custom designed and manufactured kits, the most notable of which is Travis Barker who has a signature kit available for purchase.

Snare Drums[edit]

Vented snare drums were a large part of the OCDP offering for most of the '90's, and became very popular due to their use by groups like 311, Blink 182, and No Doubt. This is a snare shell that has had a large opening cut into it. This opening allows more air and sound to escape the drum for a louder and dryer sound, popular with that genre.


Drummers that use OCDP include: Travis Barker, Adrian Young, Adrian Corwin, Alex Dontre and John Otto, Erik Sandin


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