Orchid Graphics Adapter

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Orchid Graphics Adapter
Release date 1982; 36 years ago (1982)
Entry-level Orchid Graphics Adapter
Predecessor MDA

The Orchid Graphics Adapter is a graphics board for IBM PC compatible computers, released in 1982 by Orchid Technology.[1]

It was intended to provide high resolution (at the time) monochrome graphic abilities to computers limited to text displays. It was aimed at the business market and one of the three first third party graphic boards for PCs (the others being Plantronics Colorplus and Hercules Graphics Card).

It offered a monochrome 720x350 pixel resolution and required an existing MDA board to function. No software, other than GSX-86[2] and that supplied with board ("HALO[3]"), offered support for this board.[1][4]

Output capabilities[edit]

  • 720×350 monochrome graphics, pixel aspect ratio of 1:1.55.

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