Order of August First

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Order of August First
Country People's Republic of China
TypeMilitary awards and decorations
EligibilityServicemen and civilians of the PLA, PAP and public security active troops
Awarded for"Military personnel who have meritorious service in upholding sovereignty, security and development interests of the state, and promoting the modernization of national defense and the armed forces"
StatusCurrently awarded
EstablishedJun 12 2017
First awardedJuly 28, 2017
Last awardedJuly 28, 2017
Next (higher)Order of Republic (China)
Next (lower)Order of Heroic Exemplar

Order of August First is a military decoration of People's Republic of China awarded by the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and is the highest military award given to the Chinese military member i.e. servicemen and civilians of the People's Liberation Army, People's Armed Police and public security active troops.[1]


In July 2017, Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, awarded the decoration for the first time to 10 recipients: Mai Xiande 麦贤得, Ma Weiming 马伟明, Li Zhonghua 李中华, Wang Zhongxin 王忠心, Jing Haipeng, Cheng Kaijia, Wei Changjin 韦昌进, Wang Gang 王刚, Leng Pengfei 冷鹏飞, and Yin Chunrong 印春荣.[2]


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