Order of Ojaswi Rajanya

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Order of Ojaswi Rajanya
Awarded by Royal standard of Nepal.svg King of Nepal
Type Order
Established 14 May 1934
Eligibility Members of the Nepalese and foreign royal families.[1]
Status discontinued
Grades Member
First induction 1934
Last induction 2004
Next (higher) Mahendra Chain
Next (lower) Tribhuvan Prajatantra Shripada
Equivalent Nepal Pratap Bhaskara
Ribbon bar of the order

The Most Glorious Order of the Ojaswi Rajanya (Nepali: Ojaswi Rajanyako Manapadvi) was an order of knighthood of Nepal. It was given to foreign heads of state, foreign or Nepalese monarchs.[1]


The order was instituted on 14 May 1934 by King Tribhuhvan Bir Bikram Shah Dev, it was the highest order of Nepal until Nepal Pratap Bhaskara was instituted in 1966.[1]


The ribbon of the order is light yellow with narrow white edge stripes, it has a badge worn on the chest and a badge on the sash ribbon.[1]


The Order of Ojaswi Rajanya has one grade: Member, the order consists of the Sovereign (Parama-Ojaswi-Rajanya), Grand Master (Ati-Ojaswi-Rajanya), and ordinary members (Ojaswi-Rajanya). Conferred on members of the Nepalese and foreign royal families and foreign heads of state.[1]


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