Order of the Star of Anjouan

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Ordre de l'Étoile d'Anjouan
Ridder in de Orde van Anjouan.jpg
The medal of the Chevalier of the order
Awarded by  France Comoros
TypeOrder with five degrees:
StatusDeprecated 3 December 1963 by the Ordre National du Mérite
Established1 December 1889
Next (higher)Médaille militaire
EquivalentOrdre national du Mérite
Next (lower)Croix de guerre
Ordre de l'Etoile d'Anjouan Chevalier ribbon.svg
Ribbon of the order

The Ordre de l'Étoile d'Anjouan (Order of the Star of Anjouan) was a French colonial order of knighthood founded in 1874. It was established in 1874 by sultan Mohamed-Saïd-Omar of the Comoros island of Anjouan, reorganised on 18 June 1892 and authorised and recognised by the French government on 12 September 1896. It was made a French Overseas Order in 1950.

In this case a local order was adopted by the French, although they reorganised and redesigned it. Another Anjouan orde, the Star of Said Ali was not adopted.

The Ordre de l'Étoile d'Anjouan has five classes: Grand-croix, Grand-officier, Commandeur, Officier and Chevalier. It was not awarded from the institution of the Ordre national du Mérite in December 1963 (it is one of the historical orders of France) until its revival in 2000 by the sultan of Anjouan.


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