Ordre de la Santé publique

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Ordre de la Santé publique
Commandeur in de Orde van Publieke Gezondheid.jpg
Ordre de la Santé publique (Commander)
Awarded by Minister of Labour, Employment and Health
Country  France
Type Ministerial order
Awarded for Service to public assistance, public health, and child protection.
Status No longer awarded
Established 18 February 1938
Ordre de la Sante publique Commandeur ribbon.svg
Commander ribbon bar
Ordre de la Sante publique Officier ribbon.svg
Officer ribbon bar
Ordre de la Sante publique Chevalier ribbon.svg
Knight ribbon bar

The Order of Public Health (French: Ordre de la Santé publique) was a French order of merit, created by presidential decree of President Albert Lebrun on 18 February 1938 and amended on 22 May 1954, and awarded for services to the public health and protection of children. It was replaced by the Ordre national du Mérite in 1963.


The Order had three classes, and was only awarded to people who was minimum 30 years old.

  • Commander (40 awards)
  • Officer (170 awards)
  • Knight (806 awards)


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