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Sunriver Observatory
Sunriver Observatory.jpg
Dr. Robert M. Glass Starport
OrganizationSunriver Nature Center
LocationSunriver, Oregon, USA
Coordinates43°53′06″N 121°26′51″W / 43.8851°N 121.4476°W / 43.8851; -121.4476Coordinates: 43°53′06″N 121°26′51″W / 43.8851°N 121.4476°W / 43.8851; -121.4476
Altitude1269 meters (4164 feet)
Establishedc. 1990 (1990)
Yocum20-inch RC OGS
Coronado90mm Halpha double stack
MartinJMI NGT 18" Newtonian
PorterCelestron 14" SC Fastar
PorterCelestron 11"
TryonTele Vue 102 plus 4 more solar telescopes, and 15 more night time telescopes
Oregon Observatory is located in the United States
Oregon Observatory
Location of Sunriver Observatory

Oregon Observatory is an astronomical observatory operated by the not-for-profit Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory in Sunriver, Oregon, United States, near Sunriver Resort. As of 2011, the observatory had eleven telescopes,[1] and by 2013, it had twenty-three telescopes with thirteen of them 10 inches (25 cm) or more.[2] In July 2012, the observatory was renamed the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver.[3]

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