Organization of the Imperial Japanese Navy Alaskan Strike Group

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Organization of Japanese Alaskan Strike Group (Aleutians)

Japanese Navy units in the Alaskan Operation[edit]

Commander in Chief, Navy Alaskan Strike Group[edit]

  • Boshiro Hosogaya:-Commander-in-Chief, Navy Alaskan Strike Group, Aleutian Campaign

1st Support Group Commander[edit]

2nd Carrier Squad Commander[edit]

3rd Cruiser Division (2° Section)[edit]

  • Comprising the Cruisers Maya, Takao, and three destroyers

Navy Aleutian Occupation force[edit]

Attu Group Commander[edit]

  • Sentaro Omori:-led Light Cruiser Abukuma, four destroyers, one minelayer, one transport (1,200 soldiers)

Kiska Group Commander[edit]

  • Takeo Ono:-Guiding the light cruisers Kiso, Tama, one auxiliary cruiser (Asaka Maru), three destroyers, two minelayers, two transports (1,250 soldiers)

Navy Hidro Fighter unit in Aleutian Operation[edit]

Japanese Army Units in the Alaskan Operation[edit]

North Seas Detachment Commanders[edit]

  • Matsutoshi Hozumi:-He led one infantry battalion whose mission was to occupy the islands of Attu, Kiska, and Adak, in conjunction with naval units.
  • Juichiro Mineki:-he replaced at Hozumi in command of unit and receiving command of a reinforced group, grown to three infantry battalions, under Commander-in-Chief of the Fifth Fleet.

Last Japanese Navy Infantry Commander in Alaskan Campaign[edit]

  • Yasugo Yamazaki:-commander of last Japanese Navy infantry group in Attu Japanese held island