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Coordinates: 45°28′16″N 9°14′33″E / 45.470974°N 9.242399°E / 45.470974; 9.242399

Quartier of Milan
Milano quartiere Ortica.JPG
Country  Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Milan
Comune Milan
Zone 3
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Ortica (Lombard: Ortiga [urˈtiːɡa]) is a district (quartiere) of Milan, Italy, located within the Zone 3 administrative division. The district used to be a frazione of Lambrate when the latter was an autonomous comune; after Lambrate was annexed to Milan, in 1923, Lambrate and Ortica came to be referred to as distinct districts.

The name Ortica comes from orto, referring to a small market garden, as the river Lambro, traversing both Lambrate and Ortica, has been long used for the irrigation of small cultivated areas.

Ortica housed a railway station, called Stazione di Lambrate, from 1896 to 1931; the station was later moved to another location in Lambrate proper (now Lambrate district).

Enzo Jannacci, the famous Milanese singer-songwriter, mentions Ortica in his song Faceva il palo ("he was the lookout"), dedicated to some "Gang of the Ortica" (banda dell'Ortica).