Osman Aden Abdulle

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Osman Aden Abdulle
عثمان عدن عبد الله
Occupationgeneticist, physician

Osman Aden Abdulle (Somali: Cismaan Aaden Cabdulle, Arabic: عثمان عدن عبد الله‎) is a prominent Somali physician and geneticist.[1]


Osman is the son of Somalia's first president Aden Abdulle Osman Daar. He is the director of the Blood Transfusion Service in Mogadishu, and is the World Health Organization's representative in Somalia. In 1987, he and his colleagues jointly discovered a new Rh gene complex producing the rare Cx (Rh9) antigen in the Somali population.


  • Haemophilia in Somalia (1989)
  • Distribution of blood groups in the East African Somali population (1987)


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