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Lancashire Hustler

Lancashire Hustler is an album by Keef Hartley. This album is credited as a solo effort by Hartley, with Robert Palmer, Elkie Brooks and Pete Gage of the band Vinegar Joe providing support on some tracks. Deram SDL 13, XDES 18070 "Circles" - 5:21 "You and Me" - 3:57 "Shovel a Minor" - 4:22 "Australian Lady" - 4:36 "Keef's Mom" - 1:01 "Action" - 5:52 "Something About You" - 3:58 "Jennie's Father" - 3:12 "Dance to the Music" - 6:19 Jess Roden - Vocal Junior Kerr - Vocal, Guitar Jean Roussel - Keyboards Mick Weaver - Organ, Moog Philip Chen - Bass Keef Hartley - Drums Elkie Brooks - Backing vocals Robert Palmer - Backing vocals Pete Gage - Orchestration - tracks 3,7 Derek Wadsworth - Orchestration - track 8 John Burns - Engineer, Producer

Protected areas of Estonia

Protected areas of Estonia are regulated by the Nature Conservation Act, passed by the Estonian parliament on April 21, 2004 and entered into force May 10, 2004. According to the law, protected areas are areas maintained in a state unaltered by human activity or used subject to special requirements where the natural environment is preserved, restored, researched or introduced; the following are protected areas: National parks Nature conservation areas Landscape conservation areasAs stated in §10.1: An area shall be placed under protection as a protected area or a special conservation area by a regulation of the Government of the Republic. In addition, the law declares following special protection areas, which are designated for the conservation of habitats, for the preservation of which the impact of planned activities is estimated and activities liable to damage the favourable conservation status of the habitats are prohibited: Strict nature reserve Special management zone Limited management zone In the time of the Estonian SSR, there were only five protected areas categorized as zapovedniks: Vilsandi, Viidumäe, Endla and Matsalu.

A national park is a protected area prescribed for the preservation, restoration and introduction of the natural environment, cultural heritage and balanced use of the environment of the protected area. The following are national parks of Estonia:Lahemaa National Park, intended for the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the coastal landscapes of Northern Estonia. A national park may include strict nature reserves, special management zones and limited management zones. A nature conservation area is a protected area prescribed for the preservation, restoration and introduction of the natural environment; the zones possible in a nature conservation area are the strict nature reserve, special management zone and limited management zone. A landscape protection area is an area prescribed for the preservation, restoration, research and regulation of use of landscapes of the protected area. A park and forest stand are special types of landscape protection area; the zones possible in a landscape protection area are the special management zone and limited management zone.

A strict nature reserve is a land or water area of a protected area whose natural status is unaffected by direct human activity and where the preservation and development of natural biotic communities is ensured only through natural processes. All types of human activity is prohibited within a strict nature reserve, persons are prohibited from staying in such reserves, except in cases specified in subsections and of this section. Persons may stay in a strict nature reserve only for the purposes of supervision, rescue work or administration of the natural object. People may stay in a strict nature reserve for the purpose of monitoring and assessment of the status of the natural object only with the consent of the administrator of the protected area. A special management zone is a land or water area of a protected area prescribed for the preservation of natural and semi-natural biotic communities established or to be developed therein. Mineral resources present within a special management zone are not deemed to be resources intended for exploitation.

Unless otherwise provided by the protection rules, the following shall be prohibited within a special management zone: economic activities. The prohibition established by clauses 4) and 5) of this section does not extend to supervision and rescue work, activities related to the administration of the natural object, to research carried out with the consent of the administrator of the protected area; the following may be permitted by the protection rules in the special management zone as activities necessary for the preservation of the object or activities which do not harm the object: maintenance work on existing land improvement systems and restoration of the water regime. A limited management zone is a land or water area of a protected area where economic activities are permitted, taking account of the restrictions provided by this Act. Unless otherwise provided by the protection rule

Sandalops melancholicus

Sandalops melancholicus, the sandal-eyed squid or melancholy cranch squid, is a small species of glass squid. It is known to reach a mantle length of 11 cm, it is distributed in the subtropical oceans around the world. It is the only species in the genus Sandalops but some authorities suggest that this may be a species complex rather than a monotypic genus. Sandalops melancholicus is a small squid. There are only suckers on the tentacular clubs with a further two series of suckers and pads on distal half of the stalk of the tentacles, it does no possess a funnel valve and the funnel organ has a distal pad and two large triangle shaped flaps. It has round fins with the posterior end of the gladius protruding between them. Like Liguriella, but not in any other Taoniinae, it has two contiguous photophores on its eye, a large one and a small one, it does not have any photophores on its arms; the juveniles have tubular eyes, a feature shared with Taonius, the broad vanes on the gladius are distinctive, a useful characteristic for identifying Sandalops.

Sandalops melancholicus is a cosmopolitan species which has a circumglobar distribution in the subtropical and tropical oceans. The type specimen was original taken off Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic. There may be three or four related species rather than a single species within Sandalops. Sandalops melancholicus occurs in the epipelagic and bathypelagic zones, like other glass squid it has a pattern of moving deeper as it matures, called ontogenetic descent. There is no evidence of any movements governed by time of day; the paralarvae inhabit the upper few hundred metres of the epipelagic zone. Their eyes are laterally compressed and they have a rostrum, the rostrum and the lateral compression allow the opaque eyes to be concealed in the squid's otherwise transparent body; the paralarval eyes are what give this species both its most common vernacular name, sandal-eyed squid and its generic name of Sandalops. The juveniles are found in the upper mesopelagic zone called the "twilight zone" and here they develop tubular eyes.

Its head is angled with respect to the body axis and in life the eyes point upwards to the light and have their lower silhouette hidden by the two photophores. The sub-adults occur lower in the mesopelagic zone and their eyes are hemispherical in shape. By the time they are sexually mature adults they have reached the bathypelagic zone, below 2000m and it is here that mating takes place. In mature males the arms are modified, they are broad closest to the head and the protective membranes are expanded; the protective membranes do not extend towards the tips of the arms. The suckers on the arms are reduced in size in at least two series on arms II and III; the sub-adult females lose their tentacles and are pigmented. Adults have spherical protruding eyes. "CephBase: Sandalops melancholicus". Archived from the original on 2005

Lucas Bros. Moving Co.

Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is an American adult animated television series created by The Lucas Brothers. It premiered on Fox on November 23, 2013 as part of Animation Domination High-Def, was renewed for two additional seasons on FXX; the show was cancelled on June 4, 2015. The series features the twins as work-shy animated counterparts of themselves, running a moving company out of their van; the series is loosely based on the creators' experiences as cable television installers. The series revolves around identical twins Kenny and Keef Lucas, who run a moving company called "Lucas Bros Moving Co" in Greenpoint, out of their van after receiving it from their dead uncle; the two are shown to consume marijuana, emitting a calm demeanor throughout the various escapades caused at their job. Scrawny and indolent, their customers are apprehensive towards their weaknesses, but the brothers like to remind themselves "that's why God made two of them." Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is an animated television series created by twins Kenny and Keith Lucas of "The Lucas Brothers", a Brooklyn-based comedy duo.

The series, featuring the voices of the twins as their animated counterparts had them working as installers for a cable company, a job which the Lucas brothers occupied in real life. This idea was scrapped according to Keith, who felt the premise too close to that of The Cleveland Show, another animated series aired by Fox. Kenny insisted that "moving was just more Brooklyn", a sentiment which Keith echoed, thinking that "it would be funny if we were movers because we've never moved a thing in our lives and we're so fucking weak and we hate physical labor". Keith complemented the nature of the premise, finding it to be flexible with any character or setting. Commenting on the writing process, Keith called it "awesome", citing crew members Nick Weidenfeld, Dave Jeser, Matt Silverstein as giving them guidance. Kenny urged to "trust the process and not get ahead of yourself", while Keith recommended being patient with breaking scenes down part by part. Commenting on their inspirations, the brothers recognized themselves as animation fans, with Keith mentioning Clone High as one of their favorite series, along with King of the Hill and The Life & Times of Tim.

Summing Lucas Bros. as an equation, the two called it "Bill & Ted plus Workaholics plus The Wire." In the United States, the series is rated TV-14. Some jokes have been rejected by the network for content, with the brothers naming a parody of Clay Davis's character from The Wire's elongated pronunciation of the word "shit" as an example of this; the series premiered on November 2013, on Fox, preceding the premiere of Golan the Insatiable. The duo stated around the time of the premiere that the series was picked up for six additional episodes. Fox announced in April 2014 that the Animation Domination High-Def block would cease broadcast on June 28, 2014, though its programs will continue on digital platforms. In June 2014, the brothers announced a second and third season, following their film debut in 22 Jump Street; these seasons, bringing the total number of episodes to 18, will air on FXX, starting on October 26, 2014 with a sneak peek of the second season premiere. Rotten Tomatoes identified the first season as having one "fresh" review by Mike Hale of The New York Times.

In his review, Hale found the differences between the protagonists and the creators more significant than their similarities. He acknowledged the duo as having "an industriousness alien to their fictional counterparts," while calling the protagonists' disinclined nature as either a "sly" joke about "the travails of young black men trying to earn an honest buck" or the characters' consumption of marijuana. Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media cited the latter point as a probable source of concern among parents having their children watch the series. While she regarded the emptiness of the protagonists' adventures as "surprisingly amusing" in a similar vein to Seinfeld, Ashby called it "mindless entertainment", stating "there are no subtle themes nor any clever satire to be had here."Writing for Media Life Magazine, Tom Conroy felt the stoner comedy played to the series' strengths—a rarity, he felt, among comedians relying on such humor while under the influence themselves. While he dubbed the twins' humor "as lazy and aimless" as their animated counterparts at times, he concluded that "its genial vibe makes it a pleasant way to burn off a quarter hour."

Reviewing both the series and Golan the Insatiable, Erik Adams of The A. V. Club felt the "horizons" of Lucas Bros. were broader than that of Golan, given that its "slacker vibe so goes with the surreal flow." Adams stated the show resembled Adventure Time if the aforementioned series' creative staff were allowed to joke about marijuana, but concluded that the series' humor invoked no more than "a moony grin". Johnston, Rich. "The Lucas Brothers: Consumers Of Weed, Wrestling and 90s Cartoons". Bleeding Cool. Archived from the original on February 17, 2015. Retrieved March 8, 2015. Lucas Bros. Moving Co. on IMDb Lucas Bros. Moving Co. at

Rudozem Heights

Rudozem Heights are the heights rising to 1500 m at the base and in the interior of German Peninsula on Fallières Coast in Graham Land, extending 18.5 km in northeast-southwest direction and 13.7 km in east-west direction. The heights are bounded by Bourgeois Fjord to the north and west, Dogs Leg Fjord to the south, to the east by a glacier draining both northwards into Bourgeois Fjord and southwards into Dogs Leg Fjord; the heights are named after the town of Rudozem in Southern Bulgaria. Rudozem Heights are centred at 67°39′00″S 66°42′00″W. British mapping in 1978. British Antarctic Territory. Scale 1:200000 topographic map. DOS 610 Series, Sheet W 67 66. Directorate of Overseas Surveys, Tolworth, UK, 1978. Antarctic Digital Database. Scale 1:250000 topographic map of Antarctica. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, 1993–2016. Rudozem Heights. SCAR Composite Antarctic Gazetteer Bulgarian Antarctic Gazetteer. Antarctic Place-names Commission. Rudozem Heights. Adjusted Copernix satellite image This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria, used with permission