Ougarta Range

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Ougarta Range
سلاسل الوقارتة
Algeria Topography-Chaines Ougarta.png
Location of the Ougarta Range in Algeria
Highest point
Peak Djebel Bet Touaris
Elevation 890 m (2,920 ft)
Length 250 km (160 mi) northwest-southeast
Width 50 km (31 mi)
Country Algeria
Province Béchar Province
Range coordinates 29°36′N 2°21′W / 29.600°N 2.350°W / 29.600; -2.350Coordinates: 29°36′N 2°21′W / 29.600°N 2.350°W / 29.600; -2.350

Ougarta Range or Mountains of Ougarta (Arabic: سلاسل الوقارتة‎, French: Chaînes d'Ougarta) are a mountain range in the Saoura area of southwestern Algeria. The range is oriented from northwest to southeast, and extends over a length of 250 kilometres (160 mi) to a maximum width of 50 kilometres (31 mi).[1]

The highest point of the Ougarta Range is Djebel Bet Touaris (elevation 890 m),[2] located in the extreme northwest of the chain. The other major peaks are Djebel Rhemouma (867 m) and Djebel Berga Saida (855 m), both located in the northwest.

The remaining peaks have an altitude between 772 m (northwest) and 602 m (southeast).

The Ougarta Range is surrounded:

The Ougarta Range is named after the village and oasis of Ougarta, which lies amongst the mountains. Other towns lying next to the range are the village of Zerhamra in the northwest, and Béni Ikhlef and Kerzaz in the southeast.


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