Our Day Out (musical)

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Our Day Out
Our Day Out book cover.jpg
Front cover of the 1993 version of Our Day Out from Heinemann Plays series 1993
Author Willy Russell
Cover artist Clare Webber
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Hutchinson Education
Publication date
ISBN 978-0-435-23301-3
OCLC 30777435

Our Day Out is a musical written by Willy Russell in 1977.[1] It was written for a film which was broadcast by the BBC, and was later adapted into a musical.

Origins and development[edit]

The musical was developed from the 1977 BBC television play "Our Day Out" by Willy Russell. The original television version was developed into a musical for the stage with songs by Willy Russell, Chris Mellor, and Bob Eaton. This production, directed by Bob Eaton, was first performed at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool in 1983.

In 2009, Willy rewrote the musical and updated to a more modern feeling. It premièred in the Royal Court Liverpool.

The latest performance of the updated version, was performed outside Liverpool at the Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds from 24 Aug - 2 September 2017.


The musical is about students from an inner-city school in Liverpool who go on a trip to Conwy Castle in Wales. Mrs Kay teaches a class of illiterate pupils, called the "Progress Class". At the very last minute, the disciplinarian Deputy Headteacher, Mr Briggs, also joins.


Some students from a Progress Class in Liverpool are going on a trip to the Alton Towers theme park, but they misbehave. Before the trip they leave they buy sweets and the deputy head disciplinarian teacher, Mr Briggs, joins them and tells them they are no longer allowed to go and are instead going to Wales. On the journey, they make some stops: at a petrol station, a zoo, the beach, Conwy Castle, and a fun fair. They end up losing one of the children, which causes havoc.


The major themes in Our Day Out are the lack of education, lack of opportunity and deprivation in inner city Liverpool equaling unemployment and no money for education because of this. Willy Russell makes this point very clear to the audience by using characters that the level of deprivation is really effecting e.g. Carol- her lack of education is very obviously troubling her as she would like to get a good job, however is not bright enough to do so because of the lack of education.

Main characters[edit]

Teachers and Staff Mr Briggs Mrs Kay Katie Mark Jackie Reilly Carlene Digga Amy

  • Mrs Helen Kay: Teacher of the Progress Class.
  • Susan: Helps Mrs Kay look after the children.
  • Colin: Another helper of Mrs Kay; he is teased by Reilly & Digga because he is dating Susan.
  • Mr John Briggs: Deputy Headmaster; he is very strict and tries to discipline the children.
  • The Headmaster: Sends Mr Briggs to supervise the children.
  • Ronny Suttcliffe: Driver of the coach who gets tricked by Mrs Kay to teach him a lesson about not to be stingy with the kids background.


  • Carol: First and last character seen in the play.
  • Reilly: Class bully.
  • Digga: Reilly's 'assistant'.
  • Linda: Has a crush on Colin.
  • Karen: Linda's friend; has a crush on Colin.
  • Andrews: Andrews is addicted to smoking and does not have a very good life at home. His parents too, especially his dad, are addicted to smoking.
  • Ronson: A minor character in the play. He is seen in a conversation at the zoo with Mr. Briggs and Andrews
  • Kevin: Another minor character, he is seen in an encounter with Mrs. Kay on the beach. Twelve years old.
  • Jimmy: A student from the Progress Class.
  • Maurice: The kid who brings the sweets to the coach.


  • Mrs Roberts: Foresees what might happen to her if she lets the children into her café and forbids them from entering.
  • Waitress: Works in Mrs Roberts's café.
  • John: Shop owner who gets robbed by the kids.
  • Mac: Shop owner who gets robbed by the kids.

Other Adults

  • Les: The lollipop man.
  • The Animal Keeper: He shouts at the kids for stealing animals from the zoo.

Musical numbers[edit]

Act 1

  • We're Goin' Out - Carol and kids
  • Mrs Kay's Progress Class - Kids
  • Got A Packed Lunch - Kids
  • Boss Of The Bus - Ronny and Kids
  • Instructions On Enjoyment - Mr Briggs
  • We're Off - Kids
  • Look At The Dogs/Our day out (The travelling song) - Company
  • The Mersey Tunnel - Kids
  • It's Borin', Bleeding Borin' - Bored Girls
  • Straight Line - Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay
  • Penny Chews - Kids
  • I'm In Love With Sir - Linda, Karen and Kids
  • Zoo Song - Bored girls and Kids
  • Our Day Out - Kids

Act 2

  • Castle Song - Mr Briggs, Kids, Linda, Karen and Colin
  • Beach Song (short) - Bored girls and Kids
  • I Know You Like Her - Susan
  • Why Can't It Always Be This Way (Carol's Song) - Carol
  • Fairground Song - Kids
  • Everywhere We Go - Kids
  • Ay Ay Yippee Yippee Ay - Kids
  • We Had A Really Great Day Out - Company
  • Finale: No One Can Take This Time Away - Company

These plays are still being played in London, There is a considerate core in Russell's work that can best be seen in his charming and sympathetic presentation of life's losers, all of whom have an epic sense of their own importance.


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