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Our Future Our Choice
OFOC's Logo
OFOC's Logo
Formation19 October 2017; 12 months ago (2017-10-19)
FoundersFemi Oluwole, Calum Millbank-Murphy, Lara Spirit and Will Dry
TypeCampaign group
PurposePro-European Union advocacy group for young people
  • Millbank Tower, 21–24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP
Femi Oluwole
Calum Millbank-Murphy
Lara Spirit
Will Dry

Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) is a British pro-European Union advocacy group for young people.[1][2]


The Twitter account for OFOC was created 19 October 2017.[3] OFOC was incorporated as a company on 19 February 2018.[4] Its four founding members were Femi Oluwole (spokesman), Calum Millbank-Murphy (spokesman), Lara Spirit (co-president) and Will Dry (co-president).[5][6]


OFOC has heavily criticised the government's approach to negotiating Brexit. In July 2018 it protested outside Chequers during a cabinet summit, holding a banner which read ‘Your Brexit Deal Screws Our Future: Explain Yourselves’[7]. In June 2018 OFOC and FFS unfurled a banner which read "Stop backing Brexit" at a festival event organised by the Labour Party nicknamed "JezFest" after the party's leader Jeremy Corbyn.[8][9]

In the same month OFOC produced a host of billboard advertising targeting frontbench Labour MPs, accusing them of "being in the pockets" of hardline Brexiteers. The adverts were similar to those produced by the Conservative Party for the 2015 general election which suggested that the then Labour leader, Ed Miliband, was "in the pocket" of the former leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond.[10][11]

This has led left wing commentators such as Novara Media’s Aaron Bastani and journalist and author Paul Mason to question the group's anti-Corbyn stance and where the group gets its funding from.[5] Alastair Benn of Reaction has also described the group as "a mirror-image of the Brexiteer-style populism".[12] OFOC have advocated the view that Corbynite radical change would be inhibited by Brexit due to a lack of political bandwidth and the potential negative economic consequences.[13]

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