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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Stockholm:


General reference[edit]

Geography of Stockholm[edit]

Geography of Stockholm

  • Stockholm is:
  • Population of Stockholm: 949,761
  • Area of Stockholm: 188 km2 (73 sq mi)
Stockholm is located in Europe
Location within Europe
Coordinates: 59°19′46″N 18°4′7″E / 59.32944°N 18.06861°E / 59.32944; 18.06861

Location of Stockholm[edit]

Environment of Stockholm[edit]

Natural geographic features of Stockholm[edit]

Södermalm island
The Norrström river

Areas of Stockholm[edit]

Districts of Stockholm[edit]

Riddarholmen, part of Gamla Stan
Vasa (ship) at the Vasa Museum, a most popular tourist attraction

Neighbourhoods in Stockholm[edit]

Locations in Stockholm[edit]

Bridges in Stockholm[edit]

The Norrbro bridge

Bridges in Stockholm

Cultural and exhibition centres in Stockholm[edit]

Fountains in Stockholm[edit]

Monuments and memorials in Stockholm[edit]

Museums and art galleries in Stockholm[edit]

Museums in Stockholm

Palaces and villas in Stockholm[edit]

Parks and gardens in Stockholm[edit]

Public squares in Stockholm[edit]

Religious buildings in Stockholm[edit]

Churches in Stockholm

Secular buildings in Stockholm[edit]

Streets in Stockholm[edit]

Streets and squares in Gamla stan

Theatres in Stockholm[edit]

Towers in Stockholm[edit]

Demographics of Stockholm[edit]

Demographics of Stockholm

Government and politics of Stockholm[edit]

Government of Stockholm

Law and order in Stockholm[edit]

Military in Stockholm[edit]

History of Stockholm[edit]

History of Stockholm

History of Stockholm, by period or event[edit]

Timeline of Stockholm history

History of Stockholm, by subject[edit]

Culture of Stockholm[edit]

Culture of Stockholm

Arts in Stockholm[edit]

Architecture of Stockholm[edit]

Architecture in Stockholm

Cinema of Stockholm[edit]

Literature of Stockholm[edit]

Literature in Stockholm

Music of Stockholm[edit]

Music of Stockholm

Theatre of Stockholm[edit]

Theatres in Stockholm

Visual arts of Stockholm[edit]

Art in Stockholm

Cuisine of Stockholm

Events in Stockholm

Festivals in Stockholm

Languages of Stockholm

Media in Stockholm

People from Stockholm

Religion in Stockholm[edit]

Religion in Stockholm

Sports in Stockholm[edit]

Sport in Stockholm

Economy and infrastructure of Stockholm[edit]

Economy of Stockholm

Transportation in Stockholm[edit]

Public transport in Stockholm

Rail transport in Stockholm[edit]

Rail transport in Stockholm

Education in Stockholm[edit]

Education in Stockholm

Healthcare in Stockholm[edit]

Healthcare in Stockholm

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