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The Holland & Holland Overfinch

Overfinch is a company that customises Land Rover and Range Rover cars and is based in Leeds, England. In 2005, Overfinch won the Ford "Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Design" award for the SuperSport styling package.[1]

Overfinch Bespoke Vehicles Ltd was established in 1975 and based in Farnham, Surrey. In November 2010, the company was placed into administration, under the control of administrators Wilson Field, who said the business had incurred significant one-off non-trading costs which hit cash flow.[2][3] Autobrokers Ltd of Leeds, who had been the company's largest retailer, using the name Overfinch Leeds, acquired the business and assets.[4]

Models have included the Overfinch 580 S,[5] the 2010 Overfinch Vogue GT (based on Range Rover), Overfinch SuperSport (based on the Range Rover Sport),[6] and Holland & Holland Overfinch.[7]


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