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PBA Bowling Tour: 1999 Season

This is a recap of the 1999 season for the Professional Bowlers Association Tour. It was the tour's 41st season, consisted of 26 events. Parker Bohn III collected five titles during the season to take PBA Player of the Year honors, ending Walter Ray Williams, Jr.'s streak of three straight POY awards. Tim Criss secured a major title at the PBA National Championship. Amateur Brian Boghosian took the title at the ABC Masters, while Bob Learn, Jr. won his first career major at Bowling's U. S. Open. Jason Couch collected $100,000 in winning the season-ending Brunswick World Tournament of Champions among his two titles on the year. During the season, Steve Jaros and Mike Miller rolled the 13th and 14th televised 300 games in PBA history. Another highlight of the season was the PBA's first-ever outdoor finals at the NYC PBA Experience, which took place on specially-built lanes in mid-town Manhattan's Bryant Park. 1999 Season Schedule

Colorado water courts

The Colorado water courts are specialized state courts of the U. S. state of Colorado. There are seven water courts, one in each of Colorado's seven major river basins: South Platte, Rio Grande, Colorado and San Juan; the water courts are divisions of the district courts in that basin. Water judges are district court judges appointed by the Colorado Supreme Court; the water courts have exclusive subject-matter jurisdiction in the determination of water rights, the use and administration of water, all other water matters within the jurisdiction of the water divisions. The water courts were established by the Water Right Determination and Administration Act of 1969, a state law which created seven water divisions based upon the drainage patterns of Colorado's rivers; each water division is staffed with a division engineer, appointed by the state engineer. The seven water courts are: Water Division One - South Platte River Basin Water Division Two - Arkansas River Basin Water Division Three - Rio Grande River Basin Water Division Four - Gunnison River Basin Water Division Five - Colorado River Basin Water Division Six - White River Basin Water Division Seven - San Juan River Basin Colorado Division of Water Resources Judiciary of Colorado Government of Colorado Law of Colorado

1964 Hammersmith London Borough Council election

The 1964 Hammersmith Council election took place on 7 May 1964 to elect members of Hammersmith London Borough Council in London, England. The whole council was up for election and the Labour party gained control of the council with 63% of the vote; these elections were the first to the newly formed borough. Elections had taken place in the Metropolitan Borough of Hammersmith and Metropolitan Borough of Fulham; these boroughs were joined to form the new London Borough of Hammersmith by the London Government Act 1963. A total of 134 candidates stood in the election for the 60 seats being contested across 21 wards; these included a full slate from the Conservative and Labour parties, while the Liberals stood 9 candidates. Other candidates included 5 from the Communist party. There were 3 two-seat wards; this election had aldermen as well as directly elected councillors. Labour got 9 aldermen and the Conservatives 1; the Council was elected in 1964 as a "shadow authority" but did not start operations until 1 April 1965.

The results saw Labour gain the new council with a majority of 46 after winning 53 of the 60 seats. Overall turnout in the election was 32.0%. This turnout included 696 postal votes


Wimpffen is a noble family from Germany. They became prominent in the Kingdom of Bohemia during the Habsburg rule. Prominent members of the family include: Emmanuel Félix de Wimpffen, French general Franz Graf von Wimpffen, Austrian general Maximilian von Wimpffen, Austrian general during the Napoleonic Wars Leontius, Russian bishop murdered by the Bolsheviks Pauline von Wimpffen, German writer and Catholic activist Bad Wimpfen János L. Wimpffen, an American motorsport historian and writer of Austro-Hungarian descent Media related to Wimpffen family at Wikimedia Commons


Treixadura or Trajadura is white Portuguese wine grape variety grown in the Vinho Verde wine region of northeast Portugal and the Galician wine regions of Ribeiro and Rías Baixas in Spain where the variety is known as Treixadura. The grape is a blending variety that adds body and light lemony aromatics to wines, it is most blended with Loureiro and Alvarinho in Rías Baixas while in Ribeiro it is blended with Torrontés and Lado. In Portugal, Treixadura is found in the Minho wines of Vinho Verde which includes 58,000 hectares of DOC plantings near the Spanish border and another 12,000 ha outside the DOC boundaries. While Alvarinho is the most planted white grape in this region, Treixadura is grown and blended with Alvarinho as well as Loureiro, Azal Branco and Avesso. In Spain, while Treixadura is most found in the Rías Baixas and Ribeiro Denominación de Origen s, it is found in other Galician wines such as the Monterrei DO where it is blended with Dona Blanca and Palomino. In Rías Baixas the grape is blended with Albariño, Loureira, Caíño blanco and Godello.

In Ribeiro it is blended with Albariño, Godello, Loureira and Torrontes. In addition to its Spanish synonym Trajadura it has been known as Treixadura blanca, Teixadura blanca, Trinca dente, Trincadente and Verdello Rubio; the synonym Trincadeira is shared with red Portuguese grape variety Tinta Amarela with most references to Trincadeira pertaining to the red grape instead of Trajadura

Pottsylvania Creeper

Pottsylvania Creeper is the third story arc from the fifth season of Rocky and Bullwinkle. It was broadcast on NBC during the 1963–1964 television season. A member of the FPI appears; this was one of the disguises used by Boris Badenov in the season one arc Jet Fuel Formula. Pottsylvania Creeper Fractured Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty Mr. Know-It-All: How to Make Your Neighbor Quiet Peabody's Improbable History: Calamity Jane Four for the Show or Two Pairs of Plants Beaned by a Blossom or The Petal Pushers Fractured Fairy Tales: Snow White Bullwinkle's Corner: "The Children's Hour" Peabody's Improbable History: The Wright Brothers Vacation Daze or Visit to a Small Panic The Worryin’ of the Green or The Look of the Irish Aesop and Son: Son of the Masked Clock Mr. Know-It-All: How to Have a Hit Record Peabody's Improbable History: Mati Hari It’s Only a Flesh Wound or Better Lead Than Dead Rocky and Bullwinkle Episode Guide at Toontracker The Bullwinkle Show at Rocky and His Friends at IMDB