Pablo Rudomín Zevnovaty

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Pablo Rudomin Zevnovaty(born 1934 in Mexico City) is a Mexican neuroscientist.

Born from Russian parents, he is a graduate of the Biology program of the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN. México), he has been the director of the program of neuroscience at the CINVESTAV (Center for Research and Advanced Studies) of the IPN since 1984. At the neuroscience program, his research has focused on the analysis of the central nervous system control mechanisms for the transmission of information that is conveyed by nerve fibers originating in the skin and muscles to the lumbosacral spinal cord.

He has also been a guest researcher at the following centers:

He has also held honorary positions:

He has been professor since 1961 and from 1993 he is member of El Colegio Nacional.


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