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PaintShop Pro is a raster and vector graphics editor for Microsoft Windows. It was published by Jasc Software. In October 2004, Corel purchased the distribution rights to Paint Shop Pro. PSP functionality can be extended by Photoshop-compatible plugins; the X-numbered editions have been sold in two versions: PaintShop Pro, the basic editing program, PaintShop Pro Ultimate, which bundles in other standalone programs, additional artistic tools and/or plugins. The particular bundled programs have varied with each numbered version and have not been sold by Corel as separate products. PSP comes with an interface for automating tasks with scripts written in Python. Called Paint Shop, the first version, 1.0, was a basic picture converter between BMP, GIF and PCX formats, conceived by Robert Voit and developed by Joel DeRider. It was released by Robert Voit in August 1990. Paint Shop was distributed as shareware and is still available at many download sites. Most newer versions are only commercially available although some have been distributed in the United Kingdom in computer magazine CDs after they became obsolete.

Paint Shop Pro 5 added support for layers as well as CMYK and HSL colour modes, included JASC Animation Shop for creating animations and in fact was marketed as "Paint Shop Pro 5.0 with Animation Shop". PaintShop Pro X6 was the first to be available as a native 64 bit version. PaintShop Pro X7 includes content-aware features such as "Magic Fill" and "Smart Edge" as well as support for XMP sidecar files that preserve edit settings for raw formats. From 2006 to 2011, PaintShop Pro was marketed as "Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo". Having dropped the "Photo" part of the name in version X4, Paintshop Pro X5 was derived from Ulead Photo Explorer after Corel's acquisition of Ulead. On November 28, 2007, Corel announced that the office in Eden Prairie, where Paint Shop Pro was created, would be shut down, with development moving to offices in California and China. Picture tubes are graphic images with no background, they are used as a starting point for complex images. Tubes can be regarded as graphic brushes based on a pre-created image.

Instead of leaving a trace of color on the canvas, they would leave a trail of images. Popular tube subjects include alphabets, humans and toy figures, love messages and seasonal symbols; the tube system originated with PSP Pro version 5. Native tube files may be and.psptube formats. XnView, IrfanView, TubeEx are separate graphics programs that can convert tube files to.png. PaintShop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate was released towards the end of life of PaintShop Pro Photo X2, in September 2008, it included 150 additional picture frames and Picture Tubes, the programs Background Remover, Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4, Photorecovery, as well as RAW support for 250 cameras and a 2GB flash drive. Subsequent Ultimate editions were released contemporaneously with the basic version. PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate included Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0, a voucher for 21 images from Fotolia at high quality, additional Picture Tubes. X5 Ultimate included Reallusion FaceFilter Studio 2.0, NIK Color Efex Pro 3.0, "over 100 unique brushes and royalty-free backgrounds".

PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate includes Athentech Imaging's Perfectly Clear and Reallusion's FaceFilter3 Standard. PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate includes those same two items; the bundled extras cannot be installed unless that version of the PaintShop program is installed. However, once a bundled extra such as a plugin has been installed, the installed files can be copied to other versions, e.g. a plugin installed under X5 can be copied to X6 and if X5 is uninstalled, the plugin will continue to work under X6. Corel releases a new X version annually, so this ability to copy means PSP users do not have to choose between updating or continued use of Ultimate add-ons from previous versions. Paint Shop Pro Personal is a version of JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 for the Japanese market, published by Sourcenext Corporation. Paint Shop Photo Album is a simplified version of Paint Shop Pro designed to enhance and share digital photos; the Corel version was released as version 5. Corel Paint Shop Pro Album Personal is a version of Corel Paint Shop Pro Album 5 Deluxe for Japanese market, published by Sourcenext Corporation.

Corel Photo Album is the successor of Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album. First release was version 6. Corel PaintShop Photo Express is the successor of Corel Photo Album. First release was PaintShop Photo Express 2010. Paint Shop Pro Photo Studio is a site launched as part of Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 launch celebration. Versions X through to X8 install a third party program named PSIService.exe, a Windows service called ProtexisLicensing. Written by Protexis, this collects licensing information; this program communicates with a remote host. Manually disabling the Protexis Licensing service may cause Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo to cease functioning. Comparison of raster graphics editors Raster graphics editor Official website

1645 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1645. With the London theaters closed by the Puritan regime during the English Civil War, closet drama grows in prominence. Henry Burkhead's Cola's Fury, or Lirenda's Misery is written in this genre and the sisters Jane Cavendish and Elizabeth Egerton complete their The Concealed Fansyes while besieged. Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury De Causis Errorum De Religione Laici John Milton Colasterion Tetrachordon Elizabeth Richardson, Baroness Cramond – A Lady's Legacy to her Daughters Alexander Ross Medicus Medicatus The Philosophical Touchstone Francisco Manuel de Melo – Guerra de Cataluña Horacio Carochi – Arte de la lengua mexicana Daniello BartoliL'huomo di lettere Hermann BusenbaumMedulla theologiae moralis Luis Quiñones de Benavente – Jocoseria. Burlas veras, o reprensión moral y festiva de los desórdenes públicos MolièreLe Médecin volant Paul ScarronJodelet John Milton – Poems of Mr. John Milton, Both English and Latin, compos'd at several times Sheikh Muhammad – Yoga-samgrama Edmund Waller – Poems August 14 – Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora, Mexican priest, poet and historian August 16 – Jean de La Bruyère, French essayist Unknown date – Edmund Bohun, English historian and political writer April 17 – Daniel Featley, English Calvinist theologian August 28 – Hugo Grotius, Dutch polymath August 31 – Francesco Bracciolini, Italian poet September 8 – Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish nobleman and poet Unknown dates Feng Menglong, Chinese vernacular poet and author William Lithgow, Scottish travel writer John Paul Nazarius, Italian Dominican theologian

Micheline Kahn

Micheline Kahn was a 20th-century French harpist and pianist. Micheline Kahn was a pupil of Alphonse Hasselmans at the Conservatoire de Paris, where she obtained a prize for harp in 1904, at the age of 14, she worked with André Caplet to revise the score of Légende, Étude symphonique pour harpe chromatique et corde, after The Masque of the Red Death by Poe to make a version for diatonic harp. It was completed in 1923 as the Conte fantastique, she was a professor at the École normale de musique de Paris and is the mother of composer Jean-Michel Damase. Micheline Kahn premiered numerous works including: The Impromptu op. 86 by Gabriel Fauré in public creation at the Société Nationale de Musique, 7 January 1905 The Introduction et allegro for harp, flûte, clarinet and string quartets by Maurice Ravel, 22 February 1907 at the Cercle musical of the Hôtel of the Société française de photographie in Paris The Rhapsodie pour harpe by Louis Vierne, 4 March 1909 Une châtelaine en sa tour op. 110 by Gabriel Fauré, 30 November 1918 at the Société nationale de musique The Conte fantastique by André Caplet 18 December 1923, Salle Érard, with the quartet Gaston Poulet, in its version for diatonic harp The two Divertissements: I.

À la française and II. À l'espagnol by 15 May 1924 at the théâtre du Vieux-Colombier. Kahn transcribed for the harp several pieces such as the Berceuse, Le Jardin de Dolly or the Sicilienne by Gabriel Fauré. In particular, she was the dedicatee of the Conte fantastique d'après le Masque de la Mort rouge d'Edgar Poë and of the two Divertissements by André Caplet. About Micheline Kahn -- Part I