Paint Rock River

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Paint Rock River
Paint Rock River.jpg
The Paint Rock River near Woodville, Alabama
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ coordinates34°53′53″N 86°10′14″W / 34.89814°N 86.17053°W / 34.89814; -86.17053
 ⁃ coordinates
34°28′34″N 86°28′04″W / 34.47620°N 86.46776°W / 34.47620; -86.46776Coordinates: 34°28′34″N 86°28′04″W / 34.47620°N 86.46776°W / 34.47620; -86.46776

The Paint Rock River is a 58.7-mile-long (94.5 km)[1] tributary of the Tennessee River in northern Alabama in the United States. Its tributaries also drain a portion of south-central Tennessee.[2]

The river is formed in northeastern Jackson County by the confluence of Estill Fork and Hurricane Creek, and flows generally southwardly, past the town of Paint Rock. In its upper course, the river flows through a deep valley cut into the Cumberland Plateau. In its lower course, the river is used to define part of the boundary between Madison and Marshall Counties.

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