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Community Development Block
Country India
 • Total61,388
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Palkot block is one of the twelve administrative blocks of Gumla district in the state of Jharkhand, India. With a population of 61,388 (1991 census), the block comprises seventy-three villages. Mount Risyamook, mentioned in the Ramayana, is located in the Palkot block, which was, of sorts, the capital of the Chhotanagpur pleatau until the 20th century; the Nagvanshi rajas ruled from Palkot. In ancient period it was known as Nagri and pampapuri; this is the capital of Tribal king Bali and Sugriv. In epics age Ghorlata was the place for army which they use to hide oneself. At 3 km from block headquarter. Shitalpur and Malmalpur is two most beautiful picnic spot .It has said that in this cave chilled air follow during summer, it has a beautiful drinking source inside the cave, which is always enriched with water. Gobbarsilli is one of the most Famous tourist places in Palkot. There is a big stone Balanced naturally, it is said that if anyone throws a pebble over the stone and if the stone passes to other side of this rock than he will be the lucky person and God will fulfill his desire. Palkot is also known for bronze utensils. Palkot has an interesting historical background, it can be developed as an important tourist place, which will easily create a great source of income for villagers. In the first census of India in 1872, the Palkot block was one of the three major towns in Jharkhand, having the first police station (Thana) in the state, as well as the first middle school.

Banking and Other Services[edit]

Banking Services[edit]

The block is well served by commercial bank.

  1. Bank of India

Postal Services[edit]

The block has good network of India Post; the Post Office is located near police station and government hospital.


The block is served by the state owned telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) along with Bharti Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone India and Idea Cellular.


The block has a Bus Terminal where major routes buses ply from the Palkot to cities in neighboring states (Bihar and Odisha). Gumla, Ranchi and Rourkela are well connected by regular and deluxe buses which ply every hour.

By road[edit]

Passenger buses run regularly from Ranchi, Gumla, Lohardaga, Sasaram and Rourkela (Odisha).

Palkot to Gumla - 25 km

Palkot to Rourkela (Odisha) - 131 km.

Palkot to Ranchi - 114 km.

Palkot to Gaya (Bihar)- 267 km

Palkot to Simdega - 50 Km

By air[edit]

Presently the nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi about 120 km from Palkot.