Pamela's Diner

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Pamela's Diner
Pamelas Diner logo.png
Restaurant information
Established 1979
Current owner(s) Gail Klingensmith and Pam Cohen[1]
Food type Diner
Other locations Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, the Strip District, Millvale, Oakland and Mt. Lebanon
Pamela's Diner's crêpe-style pancakes

Pamela's Diner is a prominent chain of diners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its specialties are crêpe-style pancakes, omelets and Lyonnaise potatoes.[2] It is "treasured" and is considered to be in the "pantheon of pancake purveyors."[1] In 2013, Pamela's Diner was featured by the Wall Street Journal in a "What to Do in Pittsburgh" feature story.[3]

Pamela's Diner is owned by Gail Klingensmith and Pam Cohen.[1] Both educated as teachers, the business partners handle different tasks, Klingensmith with the more business end and Cohen as "the culinary artist."[2] The first Pamela's Diner location, in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, opened in 1979.[2] Since then, locations have opened in Shadyside, the Strip District, Millvale, Oakland and Mt. Lebanon.[4]

During the United States presidential election, 2008, Barack Obama visited Pamela's Diner for a campaign visit.[5] Once elected, President Obama had Klingensmith and Cohen at the White House for a Memorial Day breakfast with the Obama family and 80 veterans.[6][7] Later that year, during the 2009 G-20 Pittsburgh summit, President Obama expressed dismay that he was unable to return to Pamela's Diner during that trip, but First Lady Michelle Obama did visit.[8] Incidentally, the Oakland storefront received damage during the protests.[9]


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