Panhandle 38

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Panhandle 38
Panhandle 38.jpg
Directed by Toni Secchi
Written by Mario Amendola
Toni Secchi
Luisa Montagnana
Massimo Franciosa
Music by Franco Micalizzi
Cinematography Giorgio Regis
Release date
Language Italian

Panhandle 38 (Italian: ...e alla fine lo chiamarono Jerusalem l'implacabile, also known as Padella calibro 38 and Panhandle Calibre 38) is a 1972 Italian comedy-western film. The film represents the debut and the only film directed by Toni Secchi, that had previously been the cinematographer of a number of successful spaghetti westerns.[1] It was also the only leading role for Scott Holden, the son of William Holden and Brenda Marshall, who had a brief film career in early 70s.[1]



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