Panteón Rococó

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Panteón Rococó
Origin Mexico City, Mexico
Genres Ska
Years active 1995–present
Labels Sony-BMG, Übersee Records (in Europe)

Dr. Shenka – vocals
Dario Espinosa – Bass
Hiram Paniagua – drums
Leonel Rosales – Guitar
Felipe Bustamante – Keyboard
Paco Barajas – Trombone
Gorri – Guitar
Missael – Saxophone

Tanis – percussion

Panteón Rococó is a Mexican ska band from Mexico City. Despite flourishing black markets, they have sold thousands of records. While being stars in Mexico, they have been touring Europe for the last several years, especially Germany, where their European Label Übersee Records is located.

Musical style and lyrics[edit]

Panteón Rococó blends several styles of popular music such as rock, punk, salsa, mariachi, reggae, ska, and also mestizo-music into a very energetic, groovy sound. As they are very political people and support the EZLN in Chiapas, some of their lyrics contain political statements, while many others works are love songs.

Group members[edit]



  • 1997: Toloache pa' mi Negra
  • 1999: A la Izquierda de la Tierra
  • 2002: Compañeros Musicales
  • 2004: Tres Veces Tres
  • 2006: 10 Años: Un Panteon Muy Vivo
  • 2007: Panteón Rococó
  • 2010: Ejército de Paz
  • 2012: Ni Carne Ni Pescado
  • 2016: XX Años: En Vivo

Contributions on compilations[edit]

  • 1998: "Skuela de Baile Vol. 1" with L'América
  • 1998: "Skuela de Baile Vol. 2" with Cúrame (Ver. '98)
  • 2003: "Sin ton ni Sonia" with Sonia and La rubia y el demonio
  • 2003: "Tributo a José Alfredo Jiménez XXX" with Tu recuerdo y yo
  • 2003: "Ofrenda a Rockdrigo González" with Los intelectuales
  • 2011: "Carnaval Toda la Vida!" with Gallo Rojo

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