Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 271

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Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 271 (P. Oxy. 271 or P. Oxy. II 271) is a fragment of a Transfer of a Debt, in Greek. It was discovered in Oxyrhynchus. The manuscript was written on papyrus in the form of a sheet. It was written after 26 August 56. Currently it is housed in the Houghton Library of the Harvard University in Cambridge.[1]


The document is a contract between Heraclea, with her guardian Nicippus, son of Nicippus, a member of the Althacan deme, and Papontos, by the terms of which Heraclea makes over to Papontos the right of execution on account of a sum of 200 drachmae which was due to her, in consideration of having received from Papontos the 200 drachmae with interest.[2]

The measurements of the fragment are 376 by 200 mm. The document is mutilated.[2]

It was discovered by Grenfell and Hunt in 1897 in Oxyrhynchus. The text was published by Grenfell and Hunt in 1899.[2]

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