Paradise Harbor

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Paradise Harbor
Caledonian Star in Paradise Bay.jpg
The National Geographic Endeavour passing through Paradise Harbor, February 2001
Paradise Harbor is located in Antarctica
Paradise Harbor
Paradise Harbor
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctic Peninsula
Coordinates 64°49′S 62°52′W / 64.817°S 62.867°W / -64.817; -62.867Coordinates: 64°49′S 62°52′W / 64.817°S 62.867°W / -64.817; -62.867

Paradise Harbor, also known as Paradise Bay, is a wide embayment behind Lemaire and Bryde Islands in Antarctica, indenting the west coast of Graham Land between Duthiers and Leniz Points. The name was first applied by whalers operating in the vicinity and was in use by 1920. It is one of only two harbors used for cruise ships to stop on the continent; the other is Neko Harbour. Argentina's Almirante Brown Antarctic Base stands on the coast of the bay, as does Chile's González Videla Antarctic Base.

Map of Gerlache Strait region, showing Paradise Harbor. Cartographic base: Antarctic Digital Database

Historic site[edit]

In 1950 a shelter was erected near the Chilean Base to honour Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, the first head of state to visit the Antarctic. The shelter constitutes a representative example of pre-IGY activity in Antarctica. It has been designated a Historic Site or Monument (HSM 30), following a proposal by Chile to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.[1]


 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Paradise Harbor" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).

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