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Paramount Channel
Paramount Channel.png
Paramount Channel logo
Launched March 30, 2012 (Spain)
September 5, 2013 (France)
January 14, 2014 (Romania)
February 14, 2014 (Hungary)
February 14, 2014 (Russia)
November 14, 2014 (Brazil, Latin America)
December 16, 2014 (Sweden)
March 19, 2015 (Poland)
February 27, 2016 (Italy)
May 1, 2016 (Thailand)
January 1, 2017 (Vietnam)
April 15, 2017 (Middle East)
August 1, 2017 (Malaysia)
2018 (United Kingdom)
Owned by Viacom International Media Networks
Broadcast area Europe, Latin America, Russia, South East Asia
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Warsaw, Poland
MobiTV (Vietnam) Channel 42
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel 232 (HD)
MobiTV (Vietnam) Channel 65
OSN (Middle East and North Africa) Channel 34 (HD)
Hanoicab (Vietnam) Channel 46 (analog), 48 (digital)
UPC Romania Channel 111
VTVcab (Vietnam) Channel 164 (digital)
MyTV (Vietnam) Channel 17
Next TV (Vietnam) Channel 29
FPT (Vietnam) Channel 103
HyppTV Channel 651 (HD)

Paramount Channel[1] is a television channel operated by Viacom International Media Networks which showcases the Paramount Pictures film catalogue.[2] The first Paramount Channel was launched in Spain in March 2012, before launching in France on September 2013. The channel now operates in a number of territories across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Each of the individual channels broadcasts with a local schedule, advertising, dubbing and subtitling unique to each territory.


  • Each of Paramount Channels broadcast around 24 hours of films each day.
  • The first channel launched in Spain in March 2012 before launching in France (September 2013), Hungary (February 2014), Russia (February 2014), Romania (January 2014),[3] Latin America (November 2014),[4] Sweden (December 2014), Poland (March 2015), Italy and Thailand (February 2016), Vietnam (February 2017), United Kingdom (2018).
  • The channel may launch in Ireland in the future as VIMN have registered the Irish domain.


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