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Nawalparasi_West District

नवलपरासी पश्चिम
नवलपरासी बर्दघाट सुस्ता पश्चिम
Coordinates: 27°19′N 83°24′E / 27.32°N 83.40°E / 27.32; 83.40
Country   Nepal
ProvinceProvince No. 5
Admin HQ.Ramgram
 • TypeCoordination committee
 • BodyDCC, Nawalparasi
 • Total634.88 km2 (245.13 sq mi)
 • Total321,058
Time zoneUTC+05:45 (NPT)

Nawalparasi (Nepali: नवलपरासी पश्चिम) or (Nawalparasi west of Bardaghat Susta) is a district located in Province No. 5 of Nepal. It is 1 out of 12 districts of Province No. 5. The headquarter of the district is located in Ramgram. [1]

Formally Nawalarasi District bardaghat susta west was part of Nawalparasi District, which split into two districts Nawalpur District and Nawalparasi after the state's reconstruction of administrative divisions as of 20 September 2015.

The total area of Nawalparasi District is 634.88 square kilometres (245.13 sq mi) and total population of this district as of 2011 Nepal census is 321058 individuals. [2]


The district is divided into 7 local level body[2] in which 3 are urban municipality and 4 are rural municipality.[3]

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Coordinates: 27°19′N 83°24′E / 27.32°N 83.40°E / 27.32; 83.40