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Pat McCormick (born c. 1933)[1] is a retired local television personality in San Francisco, California's KGO-TV, and Oakland's, KTVU channel 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area, where among many jobs he was the nightly news' weatherman, hosted the midday movie Dialing for Dollars program, and co-hosted the local edition of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.[2]

"Charley and Humphrey"[edit]

McCormick was raised in the southern Oregon town of Myrtle Creek.[1] While working at ABC-TV in Los Angeles, McCormick pitched a children's program to a CBS affiliate in Fresno, California, and went on the air there in Spring, 1959 with Charley (inspired by Dennis Weaver's character Chester on Gunsmoke) and his sidekick Humphrey. Charley was a horse who wore a sea captain's hat, and Humphrey Hambone was a bulldog. In time, he'd added additional characters, "Sneezer," "Shagnasty Bear," and "Pussyfoot", the grand piano playing cat wearing sunglasses; the characters followed McCormick when he signed with San Francisco's KGO-TV in 1961, and finally to KTVU where they starred in "The Charley and Humphrey Show" from 1972-1976 and they became a staple in afternoon PSAs. Humphrey eventually wore a trademark Oakland Raiders sweater sent to McCormick by Sonny Barger of the Oakland Hells Angels.[3]

In a 2008 interview, McCormick admitted that the "Charley and Humphrey" skits were his favorite aspect of working on television: "All the other things I did on television were just jobs, it was my work. By contrast Charley and Humphrey were my passion, they were me. I miss working with them more than I can describe."[3]

Some "Charley and Humphrey" episodes[edit]

  • Bees
  • Boating Safety
  • Borrowing Without Asking
  • Think For Yourself
  • Park
  • Exercise
  • Interruption
  • Hostility
  • Kitten
  • Library

Dialing for Dollars[edit]

McCormick also hosted a show in the 1970s called Dialing for Dollars where random Bay Area people were called and asked to guess the "Count and the Amount"; the "count" was used to determine which person would be called. The host would pick a slip of paper from a drum containing pages from local phone books sliced into convenient sizes. At the beginning of the show, the count was determined by spinning two wheels, one of which resulted in a number and the other in "top" or "bottom". If the count was, for instance, 3/top, the host would start at the top of the slip of phone book and count three numbers down from the top and call the resulting number; the "amount" was the amount of money to be won. It would start at $100 and increase by a fixed amount with every unsuccessful call; the calls were made during commercial breaks while the afternoon movie was being screened.

Personal life[edit]

After his retirement, McCormick settled in Gold Beach, Oregon.[1][3]


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