Patrick (parish)

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Coordinates: 54°09′07″N 4°40′23″W / 54.152°N 4.673°W / 54.152; -4.673

Parish of Patrick
Population 1,294 (Isle of Man census, 2006)[1]
Sheading Glenfaba
Main village Kirk Patrick
Parish church Kirk Patrick (Anglican)
Industry Agrarian and Tourism
Main peaks
Dalby-Mountain, Barrule
Main glens
Rushen, Dhoo

Patrick is a parish in the sheading of Glenfaba, on the west coast of the Isle of Man.


The parish is a mountainous region including the northern slopes of the South Barrule; Slieauwhallin; and to the west, Dalby Mountain. Glen Rushen is located between Dalby Mountain and the South Barrule, and leads downwards to Glen Mooar and finally Glen Maye. Through these glens flows the Glenmaye river, with the Glenmaye waterfall, about one mile from the coast. There are disused slate quarries in Glen Rushen. In common with other hilly areas of the island, there are several forest plantations.

The population is historically partly agricultural, fishing, and mining, and is sparsely distributed over the parish. There are four small villages, Dalby near the coast on the west side of Dalby Mountain, Foxdale, a former mining village, Patrick in the north, and Glen Maye, on the coast and home to the glen of the same name.[2]


The Isle of Man census 2006 listed the population as 1,294.[1]


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Niarbyl bay, Patrick