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Vecchiali at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Paul Vecchiali (born 28 April 1930 in Ajaccio, Corsica, France) is a French filmmaker and author.


He spent his childhood in Toulon[citation needed]. His family, suspected of collaboration, preferred to leave this city after the war[citation needed].

His cinema takes as a starting point the French cinema of the 1930s, with an experimental and autobiographical tone[citation needed]. His best-known films are arguably Rosa la rose and Encore.[1] His films are notably low-budget.[1]

In 1987, he became the first director to link AIDS to homosexuality in a French film with his film Encore.[2]


  • That's Life (C'est la vie) (1981)
  • At the Top of the Stairs (1983)
  • Rosa la rose, fille publique (1985)
  • Encore / Once More (1988)
  • The Guys in the Cafe (1989)
  • Wonder Boy (1994)
  • Zone Franche (1996)
  • Love Reinvented (1997)
  • Tears of AIDS (1999)
  • A Vot' Bon Cœur (2004)
  • A Diagonal Portrait of Paul Vecchiali (2005)
  • Le Cancre (2016)


  • Vesperales (2008)


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