Pavelló Municipal Font de San Lluís

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Pabellón Municipal Fuente San Luis
La Fonteta
Fonteta Sant Lluís.jpeg
Exterior of Pavelló Municipal Font de San Lluís
SurfaceParquet Floor
Valencia Basket
Ros Casares Valencia (until 2012)

Pavelló Municipal Font de San Lluís[2] (Spanish: Pabellón Municipal Fuente San Luis, known as La Fonteta) is an indoor arena that is located in Valencia, Spain. Built in 1983, it is primarily used for basketball games, and it is the home arena of the Spanish Liga ACB club Valencia Basket; the arena has a seating capacity of 9,000 people.[1]


La Fonteta was originally built in 1983. Valencia Basket started to play its games in the arena in 1987; the arena was also used as the home arena of the women's basketball team, Ros Casares Valencia, and the futsal team Valencia FS.

On 9 to 11 April 2010, the Fonteta hosted the Final Four of the 2009–10 EuroLeague Women season, where Ros Casares Valencia was defeated in the final by Spartak Moscow Region.

In 2016, Valencia Basket financed the renovation of the arena with €500,000 euros, and also installed a new €150,000 euros center-hung scoreboard.[3][4]



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