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Pedro Alcázar

Guillermo Gonzalez, better known as Pedro "El Rockero" Alcázar was a Panamanian boxer who won the WBO Super flyweight championship, sustained fatal injuries in the ring. A single parent of two, Alcazar first began boxing at the age of 10 and was the Panamanian Golden Gloves champion and a Gold Medalist in the Central American Games, he was a protégé of the legendary Hall of Famer Roberto Durán, a pallbearer at his funeral. Alcazar's death shocked the boxing world, he lost his title to Fernando Montiel in Las Vegas, Nevada on 22 June 2002. Following the bout, Alcazar was declared healthy by ringside doctors, with no visible signs of any trauma, he went sightseeing the day after the fight and was in his hotel room getting ready to fly back to Panama when he collapsed. He was taken to hospital; this was the first time in boxing history that a boxer is known to have collapsed so long after the end of a fight. The boxing authorities have discussed compulsory medical testing for boxers up to 48 hours after a fight finishes, longer than heretofore.

There was concern following the Michael Watson case, which in the United Kingdom established the principle that the authorities have a wide responsibility for the health and safety of boxers. Alcazar's death highlighted the manner in which it can take an extended time before life-threatening symptoms present themselves. Professional boxing record for Pedro Alcázar from BoxRec Pedro Alcázar at Find a Grave

Malpiya Davey

Malpiya Davey known as Irpintiri Davey, is an Aboriginal Australian artist from Pukatja, South Australia. She is best known for her ceramic artworks, but she does painting and weaving. Davey works for the community arts co-operative in Pukatja. Ernabella Arts opened a ceramic studio in 2003, Malpiya has since become one of its most prolific artists, she specialises in ceramic sgraffito. Malpiya is Pitjantjatjara, her parents’ country is to the west of Pukatja between Watarru and Iltur, close to the border with Western Australia. She decorates the ceramic with painted designs, her designs depict various traditional bush foods from her family's country, such as kampuṟarpa, wayaṉu and iḻi. These are the subject of many of her sgraffito pieces. Malpiya's ceramic work has been shown in several major exhibitions around Australia, including at Flinders University, Cudgegong Gallery, Strathnairn Homestead Gallery, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, it was featured twice at the annual Desert Mob exhibition in Alice Springs, in 2003 and 2004.

Examples are held in the permanent collections of the Grafton Regional Gallery in New South Wales, the Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery of Australia. The National Museum of Australia contains examples of Malpiya's screen prints. Malpiya Davey at Prints and Printmaking

List of cultural property of national significance in Switzerland: Zug

This list contains all cultural property of national significance in the canton of Zug from the 2009 Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance. It is sorted by municipality and contains 16 individual buildings, 10 collections and 5 archaeological finds; the geographic coordinates provided. All entries and coordinates are from: "Kantonsliste A-Objekte". KGS Inventar. Federal Office of Civil Protection. 2009. Archived from the original on 28 June 2010. Retrieved 25 April 2011. Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance, 2009 edition: PDF documents: Class B objects Geographic information system"Revision of the PCP Inventory". KGS Forum. Federal Office of Civil Protection. 2008. Archived from the original on 2011-05-05. Retrieved 2011-04-25

Steven Cojocaru

Steven Cojocaru, is a Canadian television fashion critic. He was born in Quebec to Romanian parents. Cojocaru started out as a magazine columnist and began working on American television shows as a correspondent and interviewer on Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, The Insider and Access Hollywood, he graduated from Wagar High School in 1988 and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Concordia University. Cojocaru began working in 1995 for the Canadian fashion magazine Flare. After moving to Hollywood, he began writing a column, he was People Magazine's West Coast fashion editor, has written two autobiographies, Red Carpet Diaries: Confessions of a Glamour Boy and Glamour, Interrupted. In 2003 and 2004, Cojocaru worked on American Idol, helping the contestants select new wardrobe pieces from show sponsor Old Navy. On May 6, 2008, he appeared with John Oliver in a segment for The Daily Show, "Ticket to the Pollies". Cojocaru has had two kidney transplants due to being afflicted by the genetic Polycystic Kidney Disease.

The first was removed. The second transplant in 2005, where his mother Amelia gave her kidney, has to date been successful. Steven Cojocaru on IMDb Blog

Brielse Maas

The Brielse Maas is a dammed river between the North Sea and the Oude Maas in the southern part of the Dutch province of South Holland. The town of Brielle, which gave it its name, is located on the south bank; the Brielse Maas was dammed before the flood of 1953. The Brielse Maas was part of the Nieuwe Maas: at the Vondelingenplaat the Oude Maas and the Nieuwe Maas came together and split into the Brielse Maas and the Scheur; the area between Scheur and Brielse Maas was the island of Rozenburg. The damming of the Brielse Maas was part of an extensive plan to make the islands of Rozenburg, Voorne-Putten and Welplaat into one water management unit; this was necessary because of the harmful effects of the increased salinization of fresh water. The works consisted of a dam in the Botlek, a canal through the Hartel area and a system of fencing and inlet locks. In 1949, the construction of a dam, the Brielse Maasdam over the 900 meter wide salt marsh on the south side of the island of Rozenburg, was started.

In 1950, the dam was built on the deeper places with 75 small caissons. A sixty-meter wide closing hole remained, closed with a Phoenix caisson in July 1950; the dam through the Botlek was closed in June 1950 with the help of small caissons. The water in between was since called Brielse Meer and is now a large freshwater basin and recreational area for Rijnmond and the surrounding area; the lake is connected to the Oude Maas via locks at Spijkenisse, freshwater from the Spui can be let in via the Bernisse

Worm Tamer

"Worm Tamer" is a song by alternative rock group Grinderman, written collectively by the band with lyrics by frontman Nick Cave and music by Warren Ellis, Martyn P. Casey and Jim Sclavunos; the song was released as the band's fifth single and second single from their second studio album, Grinderman 2, on 22 November 2010. The song was debuted live on the BBC music programme, Later... with Jools Holland, on 21 September 2010, alongside the former single "Heathen Child" and succeeding single "Palaces of Montezuma." Speaking of the song, several members of Grinderman described it as: "one of the most extraordinary songs I've been involved in in all the years of making music". It's one that's going to be interesting to play live." Written during album's sessions in 2008, the song received initial release in September 2010 on the Grinderman 2. The song was described on Pitchfork as "almost comically lascivious" with Popmatters further adding that "the industrial clang and jungle sweat on "Worm Tamer", which sounds the most uncontrolled, but holds its shape until the end".

Digital download"Worm Tamer" – 3:13Limited edition 12" vinyl"Worm Tamer" – 3:13 "Worm Tamer" "Worm Tamer" GrindermanNick Cave – lead vocals, electric guitar, piano, production Warren Ellis – acoustic guitar, violin, electric bouzouki, electric mandolin, backing vocals, production Martyn Caseybass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, production Jim Sclavunos – drums, backing vocals, productionTechnical personnelNick Launay – production, engineering Kevin Paul – co-production Tom Hough – assistant production David "Saxon" Greenep – assistant production Russell Fawkus – assistant production