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Pell is a surname shared by several notable people, listed below

  • Axel Rudi Pell (born 1960), German heavy metal guitar player and member of Steeler and founder of his own eponymous band
  • Charles Pell (1874–1936), American college football coach
  • Charley Pell (1941–2001), American college football player and coach
  • Claiborne Pell (1918–2009), U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, serving six terms from 1961 to 1997, and sponsor of the Pell Grant, which provides financial aid funding to American college students
  • Dave Pell (1925–2017), American jazz saxophonist and bandleader
  • Eva J. Pell (born 1948), American biologist, plant pathologist, and science administrator
  • George Pell (born 1941), Australian cardinal of the Catholic Church, convicted on crimes of sexual misconduct
  • Harry Pell (born 1991), English professional footballer
  • Herbert Pell (1884–1961), American Representative from New York, U.S. Minister to Portugal, U.S. Minister to Hungary, and an instigator and member of the United Nations War Crimes Commission
  • Isabel Pell (1900–1951), American socialite and member of the French Resistance
  • John Pell (1611–1685), English mathematician. See also Pell's equation
  • Morris Birkbeck Pell (1827–1879), American-Australian mathematician, professor, lawyer and actuary
  • Philip Pell (1753–1811), American politician and lawyer who served in the New York State Assembly and as a delegate for New York to the Confederation Congress.
  • Thomas Pell (1608–1669), an English-born physician who emigrated to United States)
  • William Pell (1947–2003), American opera singer
  • William Pell (footballer), English footballer
  • William Pell (minister) (1634–1698), English minister