Per 100.000 dollari ti ammazzo

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Per 100.000 dollari ti ammazzo
Per 100.000 dollari ti ammazzo.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Sidney Lean
Produced by Mino Loy
Luciano Martino
Screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi
Story by Sergio Martino
Starring Gary Hudson
Claudio Camaso
Claudie Lange
Susanna Martinková
Piero Lulli
Fernando Sancho
Music by Nora Orlandi
Cinematography Federico Zanni
Edited by Eugenio Alabiso
Flora Film
Zenith Cinematografica
Distributed by Variety Film
Release date
30 November 1967
Running time
92 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Per 100.000 dollari ti ammazzo (literally I will kill you for 100,000 dollars or 100,000 dollars for killing you, internationally released as Vengeance is Mine, For One Hundred Thousand Dollars for a Killing and One Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Killing) is a 1967 Italian Spaghetti Western film. It represents the directorial debut film of Giovanni Fago (here credited as Sidney Lean).[1] On the set of this film Gianni Garko got to know Susanna Martinkova, a Czechoslovakian actress at her debut in an Italian production, who little later married the actor and had a daughter with him.[1]


Bounty hunter John delivers four wanted criminals, all of them dead. When he checks out the new posters at the sheriff's office he recognises his half-brother Clint on one of them. John could never forget how Clint out of jealousy killed their mutual father and how he blamed the misdeed on John who instead of his brother spent 10 years in prison. Now Clint is good for 6,000 dollars. John has no reservations to go after him because it was Clint who rendered John an outcast with no other chance left to make a living other than by becoming a bounty hunter. When John eventually gets to him, Clint is just fighting with his gang about a booty of 100,000 dollars.



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