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Perspicacity is a penetrating discernment —a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight. It takes the concept of wisdom deeper in the sense that it denotes a keenness of sense and intelligence applied to insight. Another definition refers to it as the "ability to recognize subtle differences between similar objects or ideas", it has been described as a deeper level of internalization. Perspicacity is different from acuity, which describes a keen insight, since it does not include physical abilities such as sight or hearing. In 17th-century Europe, René Descartes devised systematic rules for clear thinking in his work Regulæ ad directionem ingenii. In Descartes' scheme, intelligence consisted of two faculties: perspicacity, which provided an understanding or intuition of distinct detail. Rule 9 was De Perspicacitate Intuitionis, he summarised the rule as Oportet ingenii aciem ad res minimas et maxime faciles totam convertere, atque in illis diutius immorari, donec assuescamus veritatem distincte et perspicue intueri.

We should focus the vision of the natural intelligence on the smallest and easiest things, we should dwell on them for a long time, so long, until we have become accustomed to intuiting the truth distinctly and perspicuously. In his study of the elements of wisdom, the modern psychometrician Robert Sternberg identified perspicacity as one of its six components or dimensions. In his analysis, the perspicacious individual is someone who...has intuition. In an article dated October 7, 1966, the journal Science discussed NASA scientist-astronaut program recruitment efforts: To quote an Academy brochure, the quality most needed by a scientist-astronaut is "perspicacity." He must, the brochure says, be able to pick out, from among the thousands of things he sees, those that are significant, to synthesize observations and develop and test working hypotheses. Being perspicacious about other people, rather than having false illusions, is a sign of good mental health; the quality is needed in psychotherapists who engage in person-to-person dialogue and counselling of the mentally ill.

The artist René Magritte illustrated the quality in his 1936 painting Perspicacity. The picture shows an artist at work who studies his subject intently: it is an egg, but the painting which he is creating is not of an egg. Perspicacity is used to indicate practical wisdom in the areas of politics and finance. Neuro-linguistic programming Organizational politics Stress management Time management Personality Temperament

Deirdre Jacob

Deirdre Jacob is an Irish woman who disappeared near her home in Newbridge, County Kildare on 28 July 1998 at the age of 18. In August 2018 the Garda Síochána announced that her disappearance was being treated as a murder case, her parents are Michael and Bernadette Jacob and she was born on 14 October 1979. At the time of her disappearance, she had completed her first year as a student teacher at St Mary's University, United Kingdom. Deirdre was last seen about 3pm on 28 July 1998, she had gone to the Newbridge branch of Allied Irish Banks to get a bank draft to pay for student accommodation at the university went to the post office to post the bank draft. She visited her grandmother, who owned a shop; the last sighting of her was close to her house on Barretstown Road. At the time of her disappearance she wore a dark T-shirt with white shoes and was carrying a black bag with a yellow Caterpillar Inc logo; the bag has never been found. Deirdre's parents have never been able to move on and still hope that someone with information on their daughter's disappearance will come forward.

They have appealed to the public for information several times over the years. In 2016 her parents said that there was not as strong a link between their daughter's disappearance and convicted rapist Larry Murphy as was supposed. Gardai were never able to place Murphy in Newbridge the day she disappeared; the only connection found was a piece of paper with Larry Murphy's name and phone number among the belongings of Deirdre's maternal grandmother after the latter's death. She had owned a shop in Newbridge and Murphy had left his contact details with her grandmother as he was making wooden children's toys, but this was years before Deirdre's disappearance. In July 2018, on the 20th anniversary of her disappearance, her father called for a dedicated missing-persons unit to be set up, her parents were satisfied that the Gardai in Kildare were doing everything possible to locate their daughter, but that a dedicated unit would help investigations into missing persons cases. By 2018 Gardai had taken 2,500 witness statements.

The case was reclassified as a review of the case. Although Gardai did not reveal the new information, they said. In October 2018 Gardai stated that they had'significant' new leads in the murder probe and identified Larry Murphy as'a person of interest', her family still live in Newbridge and although they knew the reclassification of her disappearance as murder was to happen they still found it heart-wrenching and shattering to hear the language of a murder investigation used about their daughter's disappearance. Lists of people who disappeared Ireland's Vanishing Triangle

Kristin Fisher

Kristin Anne Fisher is an American journalist and television news presenter for Fox News. Fisher was raised in Houston, the daughter of Dr. Anna Lee Fisher and Dr. William Frederick Fisher. Both her parents were emergency medical physicians, she graduated with a BA in broadcast journalism from Boston University’s College of Communication. After school, she worked for ABC-affiliate KJCT-LP in Grand Junction, Colorado and ABC-affiliate KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 2009, she moved to Washington, D. C. where she worked as a freelance correspondent for ABC News/NewsOne and for four years at CBS-affiliate WUSA-TV. In 2015, she joined the Fox News Network as a general assignment reporter in its DC bureau replacing Molly Henneberg. In 2010, Fisher won an Emmy Award for her bi-weekly segments on heroes in the greater Washington community. Fisher founded a documentary film company, Field Mouse Films, which makes films for both news outlets and corporate clients. In 2011, she married Walker Harrison Forehand at the Church of the Holy City in Washington, D.

C. She met her husband in Greece in 2003 while studying abroad, their daughter Clara Fisher Forehand was born on December 19, 2017

Element Pictures

Element Pictures is an Irish film and television drama production company, independent film distribution company and cinema. Element Pictures has distributed more than 30 films; as well as a number of television shows. Element Pictures was founded in 2001 by Andrew Lowe; the company co-produces with or arranges funding from Irish government film organizations, including Film4 and TV3. The company has operated Light House Cinema since January 2012, Element owns and operates a distribution company Volta. In 2015 the company co-produced the television series Red Rock with TV3 as well as the feature film The Lobster. In 2015 Element Pictures received three Independent Spirit Award nominations/ and its co-production, Lenny Abrahamson's Room, was nominated for three Golden Globe awards. Magdalene Sisters Boy Eats Girl Adam and Paul Omagh Lassie The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse Isolation The Wind That Shakes The Barley Garage Cracks Five Minutes of Heaven Little Matador Parked The Guard Laws of Attraction The Honeymooners All Good Children Essential Killing This Must Be The Place Glassland Room The Killing of a Sacred Deer The Favourite Herself The Nest The Souvenir Part II Prosperity Bittersweet Little White Lie Redwater Oceans Apart Return to the River Rough Diamond Mist Over Kilrush House The Old Curiosity Shop Murphy's Law The Invisibles Rock Rivals Baker Street Irregulars Inspector George Gently Pure Mule: The Last Weekend A Heart's Desire The Take The Silence Single-Handed This Must Be The Place Moonfleet Dark Touch Official Site

The Dance of Death (1967 film)

The Dance of Death is a 1967 West German drama film directed by Michael Verhoeven and starring Lilli Palmer, Paul Verhoeven and Karl Michael Vogler. It is an adaptation of August Strindberg's play of the same title, it was shot in Eastmancolor. An egocentric artillery Captain and his venomous wife engage in savage unremitting battles in their isolated island fortress off the coast of Sweden at the turn of the century. Alice, a former actress who sacrificed her career for secluded military life with Edgar, reveals on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary, the veritable hell their marriage has been. Edgar, an aging schizophrenic who refuses to acknowledge his severe illness, struggles to sustain his ferocity and arrogance with an animal disregard for other people. Sensing that Alice, together with her cousin and would-be lover, may ally against him, retaliates with vicious force. Alice lures Kurt into the illusion of sharing a passionate assignation and recruits him in a plot to destroy Edgar.

Lilli Palmer as Alice Paul Verhoeven as Edgar Karl Michael Vogler as Kurt Ilona Grübel as Judith Michael von Harbach as Allan Melanie Horeschowsky as Maja Dietrich Kerky as Prisoner Dieter Klein as Ekmark Inken Sommer as Jenny Reimer, Robert C. & Reimer, Carol J. The A to Z of German Cinema. Scarecrow Press, 2010; the Dance of Death on IMDb

Bayonet Head, Western Australia

Bayonet Head is an outer north-eastern suburb of Albany, Western Australia, on the west bank of Oyster Harbour. Its local government area is the City of Albany; until the 1980s, it was known as Flinders Park. Bayonet Head is bounded by Elizabeth Street to the north, Lower King Road to the west, Yakamia Creek to the south and Oyster Harbour to the east. Most of the suburb's population is concentrated around Bayonet Head Road, which runs east–west through the main part of the suburb. At the 2011 census, 2,490 people lived within the suburb's boundaries, an increase from 2,304 in 2006 and 1,934 in 2001; the suburb was gazetted in 1981. Bayonet Head is a residential suburb, although large areas of native bushland can be found in the centre and along Yakamia Creek. Several reserves, including the Bayonet Head Lookout which overlooks Oyster Harbour, Emu Point and Gull Rock National Park, offer recreational and picnic facilities. On Lower King Road, there is fuel station and accommodation; the suburb contains a primary school, Flinders Park Primary with a student population of 520.

High school students have the option of going to St Joseph's College, a private Catholic school in Spencer Park. Bayonet Head can be reached from Albany via Collingwood and Lower King Road, it is served by Route 401 from Albany operated by Love's Bus Service