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Peter Bryan Vuckovic (born 1971 in Devon)[1][2] is an English singer-songwriter and bass player.


Of part Serbian descent, Vuckovic grew up in Tiverton, Devon and grew up listening to hard rock and heavy metal, playing bass in bands with his older brother throughout his teens. His first success came in 1993 after leaving his own band, Blackout, and moving to Birmingham to join the reformed Diamond Head as their bassist. He recorded the Death and Progress and Evil Live albums with them but they split again soon after.

He is best known as the frontman and bassist in the Britrock band 3 Colours Red, with whom he and guitarist Chris McCormack co-wrote and recorded two UK Top 20 albums (Pure and Revolt), including six UK Top 40 singles during the late 1990s, most notably his own composition, "Beautiful Day", which went to number 11 in the UK Singles Chart and also entered the US Billboard Hot 100.

In 1999, at their peak, they split due to widely reported personal differences between himself and McCormack. He was signed by Sony Records and spent two years writing and recording an album for his new project, Elevation. They played a show in London with Vuckovic on guitar as well as releasing an EP but, by the time it was finally finished, his A&R man had left the company, Vuckovic was dropped and the album was never released.[3][4]

3 Colours Red reformed in 2002)[5][6] and recorded a third album (The Union of Souls) but split again in 2005 due to continuing personal problems between himself and McCormack.

He formed Bassknives and released the Come On You Motherfuckers EP on Mighty Atom Records in 2006.[7]

Vuckovic currently resides in London.