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Peter Harrison Planetarium

The Peter Harrison Planetarium is a 120-seat digital laser planetarium, situated in Greenwich Park, London and is part of the National Maritime Museum. It opened on 25 May 2007.[1]

The planetarium uses Digistar 3 software with blue, red and green lasers and grating light valve (GLV) technology to create a 4,000 pixel strip, this strip is swept to produce a 5,000 by 4,000 pixel image, refreshed 60 times per second. The image is projected through a fisheye lens onto the dome of the planetarium.[2]

This planetarium is housed inside a 45-ton bronze-clad truncated cone, tilted at 51.5o to the horizontal (the latitude of Greenwich), and stands parallel to (but 50 metres east of) the prime meridian.[3] It was conceived under the then Director, Roy Clare CBE, as the centrepiece of the "Time and Space" project, a £17.7m re-development of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and funded with a £3.25m grant from the Peter Harrison Foundation.[1][4]

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Coordinates: 51°28′38″N 0°00′03″W / 51.4771°N 0.0008°W / 51.4771; -0.0008